God Of War's Optional Bosses Are The Best Part Of The Game

God of War is an amazing game. The story is enthralling, the graphics are beautiful and the combat is top-notch, but fighting the optional bosses that took this game to the next level .

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NewMonday231d ago

GOW and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy should you can be a AAA non-liner narrative based game without a formless sandbox full of checklist missions. these games represent the evolution of the SP game. I hope this is the new standard for the industry.

affrogamer231d ago

It's the perfect blend of the genres. I'm halfway through and this game is incredible!!

Eidolon231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

Well. Lost Legacy was not a formless sandbox, and pretty linear.. but a very good SP experience. GoW so far, for me is pretty sandboxy, metroidvania-ish game play. There is really no comparison. Sometimes I like linear games, sometimes I like open world. GoW seems to hit the mark on making the open world seem less bland and pointless by providing accessible lore and interesting dialogue. Lost Legacy was like playing a movie.. and there was no immersive off-track encounters and lore besides one chapter...

Eidolon231d ago

And memorable encounters* ( Off main track GoW)

Eidolon231d ago

"should you can be a AAA non-liner narrative based game without a formless sandbox full of checklist missions". Can you refine this a bit?

zeuanimals230d ago

Instead of should, I think he meant showed or shows.

GTgamer231d ago

Mannnnn those some bloodbourne bosses those damn valkeryries are insanely difficult and I'm playing on normal I wouldn't dare fight them on give me God of war difficulty I ain't ready for that frustration 😂😂😂

Relientk77231d ago

I love these games and the perfect blend of genres for single player games.

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Ceaser9857361231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

So far i faced only the 1st story boss and a lot of optional bosses and random Trolls and other weird creatures and damn! its so satisfying i am yet to unlock this mirror like lock on the doors as show in the thumbnails its locked for me

UKmilitia231d ago

ive jsut been able to unlock them,games hard but im getting that GOD like feeling now im getting powerful.
my favorite god of war i think.
although climbing gaia will always be an amazing moment ,plus many others from the series,im just loving the new direction.
just isnt as gory imo

Elda231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

Agreed the gore factor has been turned down a bit,still an amazing game.

rainslacker230d ago

I ended up spending about 3 hours last night trying to take down my 2nd Valkyrie boss. I knew after a while that I should just go try and level up or get better equipment, but I had so many times where I came close that I knew I could do it if I kept at it. It's rare I'll actually just accept that kind of challenge, but the fight was fun, and trying to use all the different approaches in combat to find out what works best was a lot of fun. Basically, this is the first game where I actually tried to git good.

Ceaser9857361230d ago

Yet to face a valkyrie.. I heard they are the toughest enemies to beat..

rainslacker230d ago

First one wasn't too bad. Second one requires paying more attention, and managing the adds. It's been fun.

Einhander1971231d ago

GOW 3 will always be epic as well agreed.

Elda231d ago

For last gen it sure was & still a great game but this current gen GOW is on a grander scale. I'm quite sure the next GOW on next gen will out do this one & so on.

PhantomS42231d ago

Doing the story first then I'll go back after.

Skuibbles231d ago

I took a look here and there and I'm really not impressed. This game lacks the creativity of the predecessors in the gameplay department. Way too many troll bosses. The QTE is far too dispersed and non-immersive, whereas the first two games had it very well-organized and well-timed.

The worst thing seems to be the AI. The enemies are really just dumb punching bags. I miss Satyrs, who could actually evade, parry, and block. I loved how they did that spear-stance and waited for you to attack before dashing to your right and fucking your shit up. I always had to move around all the game. Here, I see Kratos staying in the same damn spot hacking and whacking with the same boring axe.

Dissidia231d ago

You sound like you haven’t even played the game or aren’t very good at it. You won’t make it very far in the combat just standing in the same spot “hacking and whacking.” Especially as the game starts throwing more enemies at you, and definitely not against bosses.

Skuibbles231d ago

Well like I said I just took a look here and there. And from the looks of it, even on "Give me a God of War" the game isn't very demanding. Nowhere near God/Titan mode from the first two games respectively.

One thing I liked was the agility of the Stranger, this is what the god-awful Kratos vs Hermes should have been like. But then again, they seem to throw in too many QTEs.

mervin43231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

"I took a look here and there and I'm really not impressed"

"I see Kratos staying in the same damn spot hacking and whacking with the same boring axe"

"This game lacks the creativity of the predecessors in the gameplay department"

Don't really know what you're going on about. The combat in this game is superior in every way to previous GOW. Sounds like you havent even played it. In fact, considering where i am and what i have just unlocked, you definitely havent played this game.

Skuibbles231d ago

Well the fact that you couldn't deduce that from the fact that I just said I didn't play it makes me question your deduction powers. For the intents and purposes, I don't need to. My problem is: DO the enemies move around as much as they do in God of War 1&2? I don't need to play it to know it, just by observing. And the answer is a resounding no. The AI in this game is obviously lacking. You can keep throwing generic buzzword filled comments like "It's superior in every way" but that doesn't really mean much to me and it isn't as convincing as what I saw with my own eyes.

MrChow666231d ago

he obviously didn't play it

Goldby230d ago

" I don't need to play it to know it, just by observing. And the answer is a resounding no. The AI in this game is obviously lacking"

but you do. no ifs ands or buts.

unless you have sat down for a total; of 15 + hours and watched someone play, you have no idea what you are talking about. im guessing of the videos you watched, you probably watched the promotional material, which is only from the beginning of the game, when the enemies are easier and the combat is slower. guess what, the enemies on gaia were the exact same, slow and dumb.

so instead of saying stupid comments like "The AI in this game is obviously lacking." why not instead actually play the game to know how intense and chaotic the combat in th elater half of the game can and will be.

rainslacker230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

" DO the enemies move around as much as they do in God of War 1&2?"

They can in some cases. When you have hordes of enemies along with a boss, the adds often will swarm you if you don't crowd control them. In the mean time you have to keep an eye on the boss as well, because they will do their own thing.

If you played it, you would know they do this. The encounters you come across normally they don't do this as much, but it's a different play style than the older GOW games, so they do move differently.

"The AI in this game is obviously lacking"

You can tell this from some videos or comments on the interwebs? Because if you played, you'd know that there is plenty of AI that isn't stupid, and you have to think about how to handle them. They will indeed change their tactics based on how the fight is going, or how you approach it. The Ai in this game is varied between random mobs, and the bosses themselves. Yes, there are a lot of troll "bosses", but they're more like interludes within a the larger level. Like most games, you will come across a lot of the same enemy types as you play, But as you progress, you will see new things, and experience new bosses and more challenging enemies.

You can keep throwing around postulating arguments based on what you think you know, but the only fact is is that you haven't played the game, and can't make you're argument from personal experience. You throw around buzzwords as if you think it makes you seem intelligent and informed, but by your own admission, you are basing your argument on nothing but what you think is true.

Skuibbles229d ago

@Goldby not really. Maybe you can't but I can.

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Dark_Knightmare2231d ago

Dude you sound like you haven’t played the game because you damn sure don’t stay in the same spot because you would get wrecked in seconds lol and the axe is the furthest thing from boring but please continue to hate without playing the game because it makes your dumb comments look even dumber

Dark_Knightmare2231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

Bro did you just say give me god of war doesn’t look demanding lol go over to resetera and see all the people talking about how hard the hard setting is let alone give me god of war. Yeah I don’t know where you were looking to see this stuff it actually sounds like you’re making things up because no way you saw videos that would lead you to believe and say these things.

Dark_Knightmare2231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

If you haven’t played the game than quit talking you have to nothing with substance to say. The enemies are constantly moving around and pushing you besides the projectile ones so everything you have said is patently false so move along please

kowan231d ago

Your argument is already invalid. You CANNOT judge the gameplay of a game without actually playing it. It's like judging an entire movie based on their promo posters. Ridiculous.

In terms of difficulty, I'm 100% sure if you actually play the game even on just the NORMAL difficulty, you would be cursing left and right at how challenging it is.

Skuibbles231d ago

But I can judge the AI based on theor behavior. I don’t care about a challenging game if the “challenge” comes from longer HP bars, buffs, immunity against stuns and such. I care about the enemies being smart enough not to stand there and take my hits. In previous god of war games, even with the BOC, many small sized enemies knew when to dodge or charge. The minotaurs charge toward you and turn accordingly if you wtry to side step, here even a major boss starts a combo at point a and keeps hitting thin air even when you weren’t even there in the first place. Sure some enemies did that in previous games but very few and none this lazily

rainslacker230d ago

I was playing one of the Valkyrie bosses last night, and I'm playing on normal, and I spent about three hours before my wife came out and told me to go to bed.:) It wasn't that it was hard per say, just that it required learning the way to fight it, and then not making a mistake. My level and equipment made it more difficult, but I got so engaged in the challenge, I lost track of time.


You can judge what you saw, but what you saw obviously wasn't enough to be able to judge the game as a whole. Every game play trailer or showing I've seen so far has barely shown more than the first two hours of the game.

That's why people are disagreeing with you, and arguing that you are misinformed and should maybe stop making the statements you are as if you are well informed on the subject. Particularly since you admittedly say you only base your arguments on the limited videos on the web and I guess streams.

UCForce231d ago

How wrong you are. The Leviathan Axe has more skill tree than you thought. You should play the game than watching it.

Skuibbles230d ago

Lol that’s also another thing that annoyed me right off the bat. “BOI” is so OOC for Kratos.

Do not make it a thing.

Bathyj231d ago

Im trying to make that a thing.

rainslacker230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

It's already a thing.:) Probably be a meme for the generation going forward.

GTgamer231d ago

Lmao you couldn't be more wrong if you tried

Sonyslave3231d ago

You do know you get your blades of chaos back in this game.

Also I keep getting my ass whip by that valkriye Gondrol in fire realm, the final trail is a bi tch.

Skuibbles230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

Yeah I lost my shit when I found out, I was just not ready for a cheap man’s Blade of Artemis that Axe was. And I love how true to the original it was yet how perfectly it captured my 2007 day dreaming scenario of how they’d play with a controllable over-the-shoulder camera

Goldby230d ago

dude its been out for 4 days, at least put a spoiler warning.

synistatha1231d ago

Here have a snickers cause u clearly can't be yourself saying such nonsense smdh.

rainslacker230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

It's fun to see people who haven't played the game very far, or assume that the trolls are the actual bosses of the game, or just take their arguments off of youtube or random comments on the internet.

The AI in this game is not dumb. There are some generic enemies, but there are a lot that require more challenge.

There are enemies which can evade parry and block as well. The Valkyries have different combat styles. The one I was fighting last night had several attacks which require you pay attention to know what was coming so you knew the right way to avoid the attack.

Taking a look here or there is no way to experience this game, as it's obvious that people are just taking their comments to discredit the combat system, thus the quality of the game, based on a very limited segment of the actual things that are in the game. I see this argument a lot, and anyone that plays the game can tell you why you're wrong...even if you've only played up to the first few bosses....and even more if you played some of the side quest bosses.

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