Nintendo Switch Hardware Hack Perfected by FailOverflow

Nintendo Switch Hardware Hack Perfected by FailOverflow as the group shows off the small piece of hardware that will change Nintendo's console for the better or the worse.

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Nitrowolf2233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

Curious if this affects Nvidia future with nintendo considering the exploit is found on their X1 tengra, now on the switch (literally a paper clip)

Im not surprised tbh that the switch was gacked in such a short time.

I just hope this doesnt have any major downside to it for us that plan on playing legit.

CurbStompin233d ago

Someone gacked your keyboard.

mikeslemonade232d ago

hacked to play what. It can't even handle dreamcast games.

Kerplunk80232d ago


You try too hard.

majiebeast233d ago

the most surprising thing is that its done by using some type of custom lego block that pushes 2 pins inside the switch.

luckytrouble232d ago

You can short the pin without the tool, but the tool exists for the non-technically inclined.

MunchMiller00233d ago

Time to get a Switch I guess.

Qrphe233d ago

You need to do it asap. The original batch of switch consoles will be priceless after this get taken out from newer models.

cell989233d ago

Now I’m coy to buy one, before they fix that hardware exploit

superchiller233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

Me too, I would never have bought one due to Nintendo's lame eShop, anti-consumer policies, and overpriced games, but if I can just pay for the system by itself and not worry about all that, it might be fun to play around with.

Sirk7x233d ago

You mean, "now that you don't have to pay for games."

cell989232d ago

I was thinking more about possible home brew classics

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The story is too old to be commented.