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A bold, brilliant and bloody adventure that redefines what it means to be an action game, God of War is back and hitting harder than ever.

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UCForce60d ago

This game have everything.

If Breath of The Wild have good cinematic and good story ?

If dark souls games is clear and more approach ?

All the questions have answered to God Of War.

Frinker60d ago

Come on dude. Don't diss Dark Souls

UCForce60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Don’t get me wrong. I love Dark Souls series, but the problem i have with the game is not the boss, not the difficult, not the combat which I love it and not the story. The problem I have with Dark Souls is the game feel too open and sometimes i don’t know where i’m going.

UCForce59d ago

I see your profile. You are using my comments history as your background picture, aren’t ya ? Now that’s hypocrites. No wonder why people will never you seriously.

Frinker59d ago

I just found it really funny when you said that. Not mean to me malicious, but I'll change it if you want me to

showtimefolks60d ago

this game is getting universally praised even after launch there are not many troll reviews

TheColbertinator60d ago

There is no troll review. If a game wasn't up to the standard of a member from the gaming press,maybe it isn't very good.

S2Killinit60d ago

Except the game is universally praised.

UCForce60d ago

You are not helping. Especially how you just being downplay everything about Sony.

MasterCornholio60d ago

So one reviewer will determine if a game is good or bad? That's a pretty silly thing to say.

Maybe that reviewer doesn't like the game but that doesn't mean the game is bad. God of War has a pretty high metacritic for a reason.

Elda60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

You! This game is a masterpiece plain & simple! Mostly 10's across the board!

Dragonscale59d ago

@col, oh yes there was yesterday. So 1 bad review takes precedent over all of the good reviews. Really? Dat logic lol.

russo12159d ago (Edited 59d ago )

If I were a reviewer, and as I don't give a sh*t to MS and the xbox brand, it doesn't mean however that the overall system is rubbish.

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PoopsMcGee60d ago

This reviewer has never awarded a 10 to a game until now. High praise...