What Should We Expect from Nintendo's E3 in 2018?

E3 has always been something that gamers look forward to and it’s very hard to determine what to expect. However, it should be an exciting year for Nintendo, and here's some predictions on what we might see.

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Moonman148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

My Top 10 in no order of importance I want them (wish list)

1. Nintendo Switch Online blowout. Everything we can expect this fall, tell us if Virtual Console is ever coming. I expect an internet browser.
2. Metroid Prime 4 new trailer and release date.
3. Pokemon Switch trailer, game play (if it launches this year) and release date.
4. Animal Crossing Switch....because it's time the series got back to greatness.
5. A New IP announcement....last fall the Odyssey producer said they are working on multiple New IP's....
6. HD remasters for Switch.....Super Mario Sunshine and The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword please.
7. Kid Icarus!
8. Retro Studio's secret project revealed.....
9. Mario Kart 9 announcement!!! Even just a tease....
10. N64 classic mini, themed Joy-Cons like Game Boy (1989), GameCube, etc....

Of course Super Smash Bros. in depth, more information on upcoming games like The World Ends With You Remix. Many more games, games, games from third party as well as first....

wonderfulmonkeyman147d ago

Great list!
Kid Icarus especially; I'd love even just a port of the 3DS one, since the multiplayer was so damned fantastic and gyro aiming would be a HUGE welcome change compared to the stylus or mere buttons.

148d ago
TheColbertinator148d ago

The best games from the most respected gaming developers in the world. No other company matches the quality of Nintendo 1st party. E3 will be great and unforgettable thanks to Microsoft and Nintendo.

148d ago
wonderfulmonkeyman147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

And Sony.
I don't like the fanbase as much as I used to back in the early/mid PS3 era, because Sony's recent success has made a too-large portion of the fanbase mean-spirited towards anyone that doesn't place Sony first in their gaming hearts, but there's no denying that Sony themselves have been nailing it lately and have put out a LOT of quality content, as well as drawn it from others.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is one of my top picks for when I get my own PS4 and I'm glad Sony has held onto their relations with Squeenix for so long, if only because it keeps KH coming.

TheColbertinator146d ago


Well said. I dont always agree with you but I respect your reasonable perspective.

paintedgamer1984148d ago

Shin megami tensi and mp4 is all i need in my life... and for the love of god bring back a made for switch golden sun with a few new amazing i.p.

Prince_TFK148d ago

It is gonna be a very interesting E3 for Nintendo. So far there aren’t alot of big Nintendo games for this holiday, so I expect many new game announcements.

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