God Of War 4 is Exactly Why Sony Can't Copy Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass

Many would love to see an Xbox Game Pass-style service on PlayStation, but God of War 4 shows why that's unlikely.

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lxeasy237d ago (Edited 237d ago )

Although I would like to see a Xbox Game Pass like feature on on Play Station I agree with this article. Microsoft has the money to spare and take huge financial risk and at the moment companies like Sony and Nintendo simply don't have that king of money to take huge gambles on their exclusives costing 10$. Microsoft'sCore businesses are Windows, Office, and Azure so they other places to continue making billions from.

majiebeast237d ago

I mean Sony actually makes games people buy. Microsoft games are like the bad Netflix original shows like Marco Polo,they know nobody outside the hardcore xbox fan will pay 60$ to beta test Sea of no content or Crackdown 3.

JaguarEvolved237d ago

Intelligence is why Sony can't copy Microsoft Xbox game pass or any of their tactics

Eldyraen237d ago

I disagreed solely based on your bad taste in tv shows. Marco Polo was a good series. Not my favorite but better than most Netflix series imo (but definitely no strangers or Lost in space either).

xHeavYx237d ago

Hey! Marco Polo was a great show.

Skull521237d ago

Because Sony basically makes rental games that you never play after you've beaten them in two sittings? It wouldn't work for Sony because the games have no replay value and people wouldn't stay subscribed to the service.

majiebeast237d ago

Would you have preferred if i had used Iron Fist instead as an example?

Dirtnapstor237d ago

Wow, you are correct. I’d rather be playing a forth iteration of the original Gears.

johndoe11211237d ago


Hey, at least we have something good (and new) to play. You guys don't seem to be complaining about all those last gen games you have to keep dusting off and playing due to the lack of anything from microsoft. But hey, at lease they're in 4k right?

indysurfn237d ago

Tire of hearing people say Microsoft has the money to spend. Last time I checked they dont have the WILLINGNESS to spend. Nintendo and Sony has proven that THAT is what matters.

tontontam0237d ago

"Because Sony basically makes rental games that you never play after you've beaten them in two sittings? It wouldn't work for Sony because the games have no replay value and people wouldn't stay subscribed to the service."

yeah just like other mp games you buy mp and you pay $5 monthly rent forever.

ULTp0ltergeist237d ago

There are many Netflix originals that are below average, but Marco Polo is a very decent show.

strifeblade237d ago

@Jaguar evolved

you mean sony was to good to copy achievements?
you mean sony was too good to improve online and charge for psn and suffer the biggest hack in console history?
too intelligent to make a 4k blu ray drive in PS4?
too intelligent to make bc free?
too intelligent to make a box that can touch the one x grahically?

If that is how you define intelligence, you sir should check your intelligence :)

blacktiger237d ago

Marco Polo is one of the best show, what a bad comparison!!!!

Ceaser9857361237d ago


I will play GOD OF WAR a number of times over SEA OF THIEVES

Chevalier237d ago


If MS were so intelligent then where are the games?! Last I check its supposed to be a GAME console. If any of the features you suggested mattered then Xbox would be selling better. It not selling is pretty telling. No BC and lack of 4K drive hasn't stopped PS4 and Switch from crushing Xbox. All it took was GAMES. Number 1 feature a system can have? A GAME library with exclusives

NatureOfLogic_237d ago

When Netflix cancled Marco Polo, I cancled my Netflix account and haven't looked back every since. That's how much I liked Marco Polo.

thisismyaccount237d ago

I kinda liked Marco Polo's first episode. Are the others really bad?

The Wood237d ago

Damn John doe. .that was raw battery

Goldby237d ago


Show me an exclusive on the xbox that can even come close to God of War, Horizon and uncharted.

i dont mind waiting.

The xbox one x has the resolution, but no where near the graphics that sony is producing on their systems which are weaker.

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dirkdady237d ago

Your quite wrong. You get what you pay for - Microsoft is basically giving away their games because they know they are half baked games with plans to sell dlc down the road.
Your going to see similar theme with crackdown like Sea of thieves

ChrisW237d ago

Sounds like you're confusing Microsoft with EA...

mandingo237d ago

Yea maybe but the games like forza halo and gears will be 10 dollars. if you play just two of those, you already got your money worth assuming you had game pass for a year. 120/yr compared to buying two games 120 same thing.

cyber_daemonx237d ago

@chrisw, ms and ea are so similar its real easy to confuse the two except ms are worse lol.

Cyborgg237d ago

Doesn't Sony Pictures and music make millions for them

ImGumbyDammit237d ago (Edited 237d ago )

Music makes some reasonable scratch for Sony But, Sony Pictures (Columbia) has been a black hole sucking all that money made elsewhere (PS and Insurance) away into oblivion. Last year they even took a 1 billion write off from the division. This last quarter was the first time in 4+ years that film/tv actually was not solely in the deep red. Unfortunately, they just fired three of Sony Pictures presidents in February of this year. That is not a good sign for the immediate future of the studio. And with Disney, Netflix, and others solidifying their control in streaming and growing stronger with their hold on film/TV money dominance, Sony is becoming more and more a bit player without a good strong guaranteed lineup. Their one good franchise (Marvel's Spider-Man) has been a mix of revenue. The most recent Spider-Man was the only one of the last 4 that actually made any real money (and that was thanks to Marvel doing the heavy lifting this last time). This summer (where over 70% of revenue in the film industry is made) looks bleak for them. They are being forced to modify their schedule because Disney is everywhere with one after another big blockbuster this summer, fall, and winter. And all Sony has is Hotel Transylvania 3 (good & strong internationally), Goosebumps 2, and a Bad Boys 3 (they call that a franchise at Sony Pictures) to squeeze in between when Disney, Warner, and Paramount are not sucking all the dollars in.

Let's not pretend Sony Pictures has the golden touch like SIE. Sony is the company that "wisely" greenlighted the Emoji Movie and that god-awful Ghostbusters reboot. Not to mention the recent Peter Rabbit bust, and of course the Smurfs (the Atari of movie franchises). 10 years ago they were quite a bit more powerful and the dollars made more lucrative to Sony's bottom line. Not so much anymore.

Cyborgg237d ago (Edited 237d ago )

Hmm I think Sony has a great future

TKCMuzzer237d ago

Microsoft are doing the complete opposite to what you think. They are taking the least risks. Taking risks is investing in people and studios, creating a new IP that may take 5 or 6 years to come good.
Why people like yourself think Microsoft just allow money to filter down the drain I don't know. I tell you now MS are not making huge losses at all, the less games they make the more money they make.

tontontam0237d ago

yup minimum production cost even if it flops they are guaranteed to break even because they know their fanboys will buy it and buy ingame items.

cyber_daemonx237d ago

@TKC, yeah making a console that has nothing to play makes great business sense lol. MS has done nothing but make a massive loss every gen fgs. Thats why there is no xbox division any more as its now part of the windows division and run by the suits. Also have you not noticed how the less games ms makes the less consoles they sell. MS are the most risk averse bandwagon jumping console manufacturer tbh and is why they are currently pretty much irrelevant nowadays lol.

tontontam0237d ago (Edited 237d ago )

lol financial risk? sea of thieves $60 feels like a $10 game. gamepass $10 coincidence?

MarineLineman237d ago

I seriously doubt it has anything to do with money; it’s more so because Sony has common sense and isn’t interested in selling a 100% corporate-controlled GaaS future to people.

Tazzy237d ago

Neither Sony and Nintendo have the financials Microsoft has you're right BUT Microsoft isn't having the success that Nintendo and Sony are having from the hardware sales to their games they put out.

dcbronco237d ago

People have this misconception that Microsoft doesn't make money from gaming. This is based on ignorance of how the gaming industry works. Microsoft has even stated they had over 9 billion in gaming revenue last year in their financial report. Which, by law, have to be accurate. Just because people don't think you have as many exclusives it doesn't mean you're losing money. The majority of revenue comes from subscriptions, online additional purchases and royalties from the millions of copies of other people's games that are on your machine. Battlefield and Call of duty are your money makers. Even Sony admits exclusives only break even when you add them all together.
To put it into perspective, Xbox, as a standalone would be bigger in revenue than the majority of companies in the world. It is huge. Obviously they are doing something right.

BlackTar187236d ago

revenue doesn't equal profit.

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Ceaser9857361237d ago

Microsoft does whats good for Microsoft hence you will see almost everything they do its for the company first and not the xbox department only From Play anywhere to Game Pass , buying minecraft

237d ago
Ceaser9857361237d ago (Edited 237d ago )

Your welcome Zalker If MS would have thought about Xbox then people wouldn't have trolled Xbox like its getting trolled for everything they do MS has tons of money prolly one of the top most in the world but wouldn't do anything to boost Xbox wont invest on 1st party new ips hell with Play anywhere most didnt bother buying the xbox one and stayed with PC

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen237d ago (Edited 237d ago )

That title... SMH. Common sense says that Sony doesn't need Gamepass. The PS4 is selling more games than any other console this gen.

kneon237d ago

Except Microsoft don't have the money to spare as shareholders don't like companies to just throw money at products if they don't see an adequate ROI on the horizon. Every couple of years some Microsoft shareholders say they want Microsoft to dump xbox and get back to focusing on their core businesses.


But it's not like Xbox would just disappear, I'm sure it would be sold as the brand is too valuable to just close up shop, unlike zune, kin etc.

rainslacker236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

Its not every few years. That particular case was one guy leading a charge to spin off the xbox division so it wouldn't negatively effect the overall stocks of MS so they could actually have higher stock value....even though that value wouldn't actually be real. MS solved the problem by integrating Xbox into the Windows division, because then it was easier to hide the numbers by just saying what revenue was brought in, which is impressive, while just putting all money spent into a pool of money for the whole Windows division.

Spinning off the Xbox division wouldn't be dumping it though. It would just mean that Xbox itself, and possibly the devices division, would become more of a subsidiary company to MS. That's how PS is structured for Sony. It would mean the Xbox, or devices division, would end up having to be held more accountable, and making it easier for the stockholders to scrutinize exactly what their money was being spent on. It also means that if it started to fail, then it could be dumped without much negative effect to MS itself. More likely scenario in that case would be that it would be sold off for a huge sum, which would actually positively effect MS because of the way stock reporting works, as a loss in prior years doesn't take away profit in current or future years.

subtenko236d ago

Sony is making a boat load of money lately wat u talking about. They own a lot and they a pioneers in a lot of tech. The company has money, maybe not as much as M$ but they have money and they dont use it up on BS. Much respect to PlayStation for having their stuff on point. Its an upward trend.

Cohagen420236d ago

Nope their games are trash and they know it..

quenomamen236d ago

Its easy when you have like 8 exclusives.

rainslacker236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

I think Sony could copy it, but I wouldn't expect to see a game like GOW, or most of their other high profile releases, be there day one. Or even within a year or two. Sony would need more F2P style games like MS is making to really make the service work the way MS does, and quite personally, I'd just take the F2P games without the pay wall if that's what I wanted to play. In any case, there is actually no indication yet on if GP is going to work for MS, so I can't see why Sony would want to copy it yet.

While there is some other content out there on the GP service, it's not something I'd spend $120 a year on....particularly when I can't even keep up with current releases.

If Sony somehow managed to make games like GOW, UC4, Horizon, etc available day one, or within a reasonable time period after release, then yeah, I'd sign up in a heart beat. I'm a collector, but that's too good of a deal. If Sony really wanted to do this though, they'd be charging $20-30 a month for the service, and that kind of price isn't going to go over well with gamers, and realistically, it means Sony would likely still make less money. GOW is likely to pull in $400 million in revenue for Sony within the first few weeks. That's a lot to just practically give away.


It's kind of like CBS all Access. People will sub when they want to play a game, then drop the service for the rest of the year. There just isn't enough there to keep most people interesting IMO. So, at the end of the Star Trek Discovery season, they'll get a lot of subs. For MS, they'll get it for when they release a new game. But since most people don't play a new game for more than a few weeks, they're going to find that they probably won't have a consistent subscriber base. Even with GaaS, the majority of people grow bored with it over time. They'll make money off the long termers, but that's about it.

This means MS will have to make more games like it to keep people invested. But over time, that gets tiresome, and not everything can be a hit. Just like you describe Netflix.....although Netflix has a lot more content to offer to make it worthwhile.

nucky64236d ago

ixeasy, if MS has so much money to "spare" - WHY don't they have great first-party studios making GoW4 quality games?

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Pancit_Canton237d ago

Microsoft would rather invest on a low budget title like sea of thieves, state of decay 2 and crackdown 3 and maximized it's profits of return on gamepass. That is why, good luck on the true AAA title on gamepass. You won't be seeing newer titles like Halo 6, Gears Of War 5 and Forza 100 day 1 on gamepass. Also, major triple AAA exclusive from third party developers.

maybelovehate237d ago

According to a pretty credible report that isn't the case.

tontontam0237d ago


ms: nobody is buying our exclusives anymore. even new xbox owners are not buying.

ms:maybe they are buying used games on gamestop.

ms: oh fuck what can we do.

ms: they are selling it for $10 on gamestop

ms:ok we copy netflix and charge $10.

KionicWarlord222237d ago

Gears of War 4 and Halo 5 are all on Game pass.

Theres third party AAA titles in there as well.

Microsoft was as direct as can be.

Obscure_Observer237d ago


Some people simply can´t accept the idea of AAA first party games hiting Game Pass Day One for 10 bucks a month. They think people will simply pay 10 dolars and call it a day. SoT already prove that this is not the case at all!

Xbox One´s full priced retail copies of SoT are still selling very well despite the fact that it´s avaliable on Game Pass. It´s been 4 weeks and the game still hiting the UK´s charts. That goes without mention that SoT is not even a full AAA game.

IRetrouk237d ago

Forza 7 wasnt on there, neither was forza horizon 3, only really gears, sea of theives and halo on there, the rest are older games, most not that great to be honest.

Elda237d ago

Because they're old titles.if they were brand new it would be a different story.

DarkVoyager237d ago (Edited 237d ago )

“Some people simply can´t accept the idea of AAA first party games hiting Game Pass Day One for 10 bucks a month.”

I’d glady pay Sony $60 for a great game than $10 for B rated Microsoft exclusives with Gamepass.

Stogz237d ago

@Obscure_Observer SoT is at 11th place, you have literally no idea what that means. Its opening release was estimated at only like 22k units, not that great. Also, how is it not a AAA game? It's made by Rare, owned by MS.

Chevalier237d ago

Well if no one is buying the games anyway being on Xpass is a way of recouping their losses. Its just an added revenue stream. MS exclusives are all trending down in sales with each release so its not a terrible idea to have a way to recoup some of their losses. Also being on Xpass artificially drives up numbers so you'll at least have people to play with for a couple months on multiplayer. Although it won't stop the player pool plummeting for games like Sea of Thieves.

rainslacker236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

Yeah, and Bloodborne was recently on PS+. It's an older game. If they released it day one that'd be a different matter, but GP didn't exist back then.

When Halo 6 and GeOW5 end up day one, then maybe it'd be a different story, but I wouldn't expect an expansive SP campaign, and at best, I can see them putting up the MP only portion on GP because that can fall in line with the GaaS approach. Forza I can see being on there, because that could actually work well in the GaaS paradigm....see comment above.


I can't accept that AAA 1st party games will be up there because there is no possible way that that can be a viable way to support the production or see a return on investment for such games. The subscriber base would have to be absolutely massive to achieve the money to simply fund the games through such a service.

SoT I can see why it's on there....but that game is in no way a $60 title. It only cost that much because MS wanted to make it seem like a better deal to go with GP. SoT is maybe a $10 game. It's a F2P game in design and structure. Its an expensive one to make to be sure, but that's probably due to mismanagement of the production.

"Just don´t resort to damage control if Microsoft proves you wrong."

If MS proves me wrong then trust me, I would have nothing but praise for them. But they need to prove me wrong with the fact that they can actually produce more of these kinds of games before they worry about the delivery mechanism with which I can consume the content.

In any case, if MS produced more games like this, I'd still buy them over paying for Game Pass. Still a win for MS, but mostly, it's a win for me as a consumer.

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Obscure_Observer237d ago


You´re not the only one thinking Game Pass is just a vitrine for indie, BC and Free to Play games. Just don´t resort to damage control if Microsoft proves you wrong.

UCForce237d ago

You are being blinded. MS have more money but never take risk on making new AAA IP. Microsoft getting bad rep for not having a WOW factor. Even they made huge mistake for canceling Scalebound. Like I said, MS have more money, but less risky.

Obscure_Observer237d ago


What you´re talking about, man? We are talking about games like Forza Horizon 4, Halo 6, Fable and/or others major AAA games avaliable on Game Pass Day One.

Stay on topic!

UCForce237d ago

I’m staying on topic, but the thing is that MS really is losing their confidence on their Xbox Brand. Not because Game Pass, BC and neither EA Acces. It’s exclusive that they losing it. I’m not big fan of PS Now and neither Game Pass. I rather keep my game when I bought it.

trooper_237d ago

He's talking about new games. You know, like real AAA games?

Way to miss the point- it flew way over your head.

UCForce237d ago

@maybelovehate @KionicWarlord222 @obscure_observer But tell me this, where is the Xbox One numbers ? And why MS hiding from it ? MS really need a WOW factor, not an old franchise that MS keep relying on. MS have more money than Sony, but why they never take risk ?

maybelovehate237d ago

What are you on about? Who cares what MS needs. All I pointed out was that MS will be releasing AAA games on gamepass. I don't personally care one way or the other. Just correcting an incorrect statement.

UCForce237d ago

@maybelovehate But the thing is that, how confident is MS ? Those features are cool on Xbox One, but never a system seller.

Chevalier237d ago

The way I see it is they can articially drive up player pools for the first couple months and say people are playing just like how SoT had 2 million players at launch. The question is their 2 million players now? I'd bet its more like 200,000.

As for all these 'big' games being on Xpass day one. Sure thats cool, but, lets look at this another way. Halo, Gears, Forza all have lower sales for each game as they release so why not put them on Xpass? Its just another revenue stream to cover up their loss in sales. Its pretty telling when your forced to try to add value by including your biggest exclusives when Nintendo and Sony actually sell their exclusives and don't need a service model to do it.

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BizarroUltraman237d ago (Edited 237d ago )

Haha, all Xbox 1st party games going forward will be on Game Pass Day 1. Forza 4, Halo 6, all!

rainslacker236d ago

I think Forza might end up there. It can potentially bring in more money through a GaaS scenario. MS could conceivably make $120 year on Forza alone by just providing constant monthly updates that actually keep people coming back. Same could go for the Halo or Gears MP campaigns....although I question if we'll see huge SP campaigns release there.

This could actually be more beneficial to MS, because it means not releasing a new Forza every year. Just dolling out the updates it puts in new Forzas across the year, as opposed to a new release every other year. Forza isn't a massively huge seller that they'd lose anything in the process, as they'd get more from less in the GaaS scenario.

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OB1Biker237d ago

Theres the SoT advert that keeps poping up on N4G. Its like rubbing in our faces its in a different league than GOW very obviously.

WilliamSheridan237d ago (Edited 237d ago )

Obviously God of War is a must have game, just like Horizon. But I think they could still justify a game pass, and even charge more. 15$ a month maybe? But honestly, quality of gross doesn't change what game pass is. Just look at EA Access...