Dusty Raging Fist Review (TSA)

TSA writes: "Let’s not beat around anyone’s bush here, Dusty Raging Fist is an absolute mess of a game. There’s very little that makes sense with it, from the seemingly slapped together source material that provides inspiraton for the game’s visual themes, to the near broken gameplay. And yet, something about it propelled me to see the end. Maybe it was some hidden X-factor, buried deep with the game? Maybe it was a masochistic streak within me?"

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Swiftfox234d ago

The Singapore based developer's actions seem rather questionable after doing a little research. For instance, on the game's page it says "A prequel to the award winning Dusty Revenge.." I did a check and found the reward was an Asian Indie Award for game audio. Just felt a bit misleading to me--like Academy Award winning Suicide Squad when the award is in make-up. Yeah technically true, but hardly a reflection of the rest of the piece. Also, the game only has 7 PC reviews on metacritic and the overall score is slightly above average at a 6.4 / viewer 6.9.

Then I discovered back in 2015 or so they developed a beat'm up style demo of Final Fantasy 7. While they say it was just to be creative, it really didn't do anything but cash in on the Final Fantasy name for a few weeks--which again just felt shady. The studio PD-Design Studio, released a blog about it which you can read on Gamasutra here: