Detroit: Become Human Preview - Quantic Dream might be back to their best - Daily Star

Sony is on something of a roll with their 1st party games at the moment and whilst Detroit might not be everyone's cup of tea, it does appear to be another cracking PS4 exclusive.

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dirkdady150d ago

While quantic is not a first party studio they are a 2nd party studio. I think the biggest thing going for this game is it's underhyped at the moment and in a position to blow everyone away if they can deliver successfully.

T2X150d ago

I think this one will. I love these kind of games personally as they're different and not another shooter. I like story.

starchild150d ago

I agree. I really enjoyed games like Heavy Rain and Until Dawn.

showtimefolks150d ago


i think very soon QD will be 1st party along with blue point. Sony recently said they will be looking to invest into 1st party studios and QD have been exclusive to ps because no other publisher wanted to publish the games they wanted to make. Sony allows them freedom and big budgets to work on their projects how they see fit. QD went to MS with heavy rain and were rejected

i see sony making another run at insomniac after spiderman and with recent failures of insomniac under EA/MS i think insomniac have realized ps brand is where they belong. I am hoping for a new ratchet and clank game

KingofGambling149d ago

I also want another Resistance game. Just imagine the look of that game on the PS4.

starchild150d ago

Yeah, I can't wait to try out the demo.

OB1Biker150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

Yea gamers possibly.
Im not sure about a part of the press though.

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Einhander1971150d ago

Agreed looking forward to this, looks fantastic can imagine some pretty amazing set pieces with an impressive story. Sony really need to snap up QD as a first party exclusive developer.