PSX Extreme: NBA 2K9 Review

PSX Extreme writes: "Ever since 2K Sports decided to take on the sports juggernaut that is EA Sports, the former has fared quite well in straight-up comparisons. While EA's NBA Live series has lagged in recent years, the NBA 2K entries have satisfied more b-ball fans with its accessibility, technical polish and overall sense of realism. This year, though, considering how promising NBA Live 09 appears, NBA 2K9 has to step up and jam it through with authority if they want to maintain that upper hand. Well, thankfully, the game does just that, and despite a few lingering issues regarding control and a few bizarre presentation flaws, NBA 2K9 delivers the goods on a number of different levels. Not only will fans of the franchise enjoy the tightening up of the gameplay (they fixed the Lockdown defense; yay!), but newcomers won't be bludgeoned over the head with certain simulated aspects that take a big bite out of the fun factor. In October, NBA followers will have a tough decision to make, but in our eyes, you can't go wrong with this one."

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