Google G1 Android Phone: 1.5 million pre-orders

Telegraph writes: "More than 1.5 million people in the US have pre-ordered Google's first mobile phone, according to reports.

The device, known as the G1, is made by Taiwanese manufacturer HTC, and will be available on the T-Mobile network. It runs Android, an operating system designed in part by Google that aims to bring the desktop computing experience to mobile devices. The G1 gives one-touch access to popular Google online services, such as its email service, YouTube video-sharing site and Google Maps."

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Blasphemy3686d ago

I was thinking about getting an iphone but this one looks better to me. Same internet as my PC at my house? Count me in.

riddlesticks3686d ago

am i the only one who thinks this phone looks awful?

ToastyMcNibbles3686d ago

haha im one of those people who pre-ordered and i found out mine's in backorder now! i best get that phone on time! its gonna be sweet next week...far cry 2, spiderman web of shadows, the pwner of the month littlebigplanet and to top it off the new t-mobile g1 woo!

LikAChicken3686d ago

I REALLY wanted this phone though. I have Sprint so that obviously means I can't use the G1. It sucks, cause I pretty much use ALOT of Google products, and I hate my windows mobile device. Using Google products with a Google phone would be great.
Ahh well... I'll wait till Sprint releases one sometime next year...:(

MANCREEP3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

is truly the sickest phone ever. Its the only phone that may just get me to put my blackberry down. A true open-source phone that doesn't even REQUIRE a DEVKIT to create apps(but im sure it helps). And the Andriod kit that you can download, is free and amazing. This phone has so many insane features and a ton of potential. Between this and the new blackberries----09 is gonna rock.

EDIT @ Above: Never fear chicken. HTC(same people who made your Touch, Touch Pro, and Touch HD) could always work a deal to bring the Android OS to their other phones, which be really awesome.

Tmac3686d ago

I'm just gonna buy this phone unlocked, I'm pretty sure the plans are gonna be just as bad if not worse than the Iphone so.

Merritt3686d ago

The plans aren't awful, you do have to have monthly internet access though, it's 3G so that's a bonus.

I will be getting mine next week, it makes me happy.

Tmac3686d ago

I dunno I live in Canada and my buddy is paying 100$ bucks flat for his plan, and it's the lowest plan, that's pretty brutal imo.

Gerard Way3686d ago

they wont be. iphone3g actually cost 360 dollars more than the first gen iphone. and thats with the cheapest of cheap plans. A "good" plan(something more than a 1000 minutes) will cost you close to more than 700-800 more in the end. Iphones are great I suppose, but they still cant compete with the versatility and crazy push/enterprise power of a blackberry. I am looking forward to seeing what the G1 can do.

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