Nintendo Switch Exclusive Octopath Traveler Gets New Screenshots Showing H'aanit, Therion, and More

Square Enix showcases plenty of screenshots of its upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive JRPG Octopath Traveler, including two characters and more.

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chaosblades240d ago

Absolutely, BEAUTIFUL artwork.

mikeslemonade240d ago

Gonna dust off the switch after no games since Mario Odyssey to play this.

Prince_TFK240d ago

Based on your past post I could have sworn you have never owned even a single Nintendo console.

On topic, this game is looking real nice.

thekhurg240d ago

All I have on my Switch is BotW - still haven't completed it yet but I'm pumped for this game and a new Metroid.

Neonridr239d ago

@mikeslemonade - you don't own a switch, don't kid yourself.

@thekhurg - really? Jesus, tons of good games released since BoTW. You are missing you my friend.

quent239d ago

Try a bit harder tryhard

mikeslemonade238d ago (Edited 238d ago )

Because I say negative things you guys think I don’t have a switch. I do have one. I lost a bit so my friend is borrowing my switch for a year. I have played half way through Zelda and defeated bowser in odyssey. And I’m only getting back the switch to play Octo and Metroid.

Hehe these guys think I don’t have a switch. I own a switch. I lost a bet on something and my friends reward is to borrow my switch for one year. Actually I lost the bet on something about zelda.

I bet he couldn’t get the master sword without a guide but my friend has all these power ups late in the game, so he took his horse and sprinted through the forest. He went so fast that the wind could not keep up to make him disappear.

People didn’t think I had a WiiU either until I posted the picture of it on my Twitch Bio.

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Dragonscale239d ago

Reminiscent of Vagrant Story, to me anyhow.

TricksterArrow239d ago

This looks great! I hope it comes out to other platforms at some point, as I can't afford a Switch at the moment. ):

Harkins1721238d ago

Yes Nomura is a good director. He's had one game have an absurd dev time and if you actually did research you would know it's not 100% his fault. His team was taken away for other games because SE needs to make as many games as possible at a time.

They started over for next gen. Tabata just had to follow Nomuras ideas and XV would have been a lot better. Why would they promote Nomura to 7R and KH3 two very big games if he wasn't doing a good job? Tabata lied about XV being just the main story being 50 hrs long and agreed to a 2016 release when he shouldn't have. At the end of the day XV was 27 hrs long for the main story. And it had a ton of assets cut that should have been in the game to make it it's suppose 50.

When was Nomura working alone. He had Kitase, Nojima, and Tabata working with him on XV. Just like he has Kitase and Nojima on 7R and Yusue on KH3.

TricksterArrow238d ago

Not sure what this has to do with Octopath Traveler.

Harkins1721238d ago

Couldn't reply to you on the last thread so I did it here. Connect the dots genius.

TricksterArrow238d ago

Ok. Still remains off-topic and does not erase my opinion on Nomura. I actually am very afraid for FF7 Remake because Nomura is the director instead of Kitase. Anyways, I digress. back to Octopath Traveler. Amazing, ins't it?

Harkins1721238d ago

Im not. KH3 is looking amazing. Tai Yusue is helping quite a bit. Kitase is still there to help on 7R.

Octo looks fine. Got plenty of other games to play and hold me over in the mean time. This isnt on my radar at the moment.

Emme239d ago

It looks like an upscaled 3DS game, why all the hype ?

Neonridr239d ago

first off it's Square Enix. Secondly it's a traditional RPG, something they do really well. Thirdly the art is a combination of 3D backgrounds mixed with sprites. Sure it isn't photo-realistic or anything, but the art style is extremely refreshing and definitely sets it apart from everything else. Play the demo (if you even own a Switch) and then you will see why it's a nice change.

Nebaku239d ago

Try a little harder with your Nintendo bashing please. This game both technically and artistically is nothing like anything in the 3ds library.

Emme239d ago

Still looks like cookie cutter RPG with a depth effect and loads of huge chunky pixels.Whats so special ? R-Type did it before, Paper Mario did it, also it basically looks like good old DOOM.Dunno, I just find it hard on the eyes.

Segata239d ago

You know this is an unreal 4 game right? 3DS Can't handle this game. It has modern lighting and particle effects. It's a Square RPG that harkens back to the SNES days but with a modern and mature story. Primrose is a very mature story. The game plays amazing and the OST is no doubt one of the best this year.

Copat239d ago

This game is worth the purchase just for the art style and soundtrack.

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