Eurogamer: BioShock PS3 Review

Eurogamer writes: "It feels a bit strange to be reviewing BioShock almost exactly a year since everyone was last talking about it. Even before it launched on the 360 and PC, it was one of the most widely and thoroughly dissected games of 2007. Riding the hype and backlash seesaw like few games before or since, it attracted reams of praise, fevereddebate, and impassioned defence along the way.

In other words, so much has been said and written about BioShock that I fear there's little I can say about the long awaited PS3 version that won't taste like refried beans. But then, having been reunited with Rapture, BioShock is a game still magnificently capable of inspiring torrents of thoughts and ideas."

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pwnsause3687d ago

0_o Im in a state of shock right now.... EUROGAMER gave this game a 10 on the PS3 0_o?????? it doesnt make any sense, this game should be getting lower scores cause its a year old... ***Faints***

sonarus3687d ago

Why wouldn't they. It got 10 on 360 too

meepmoopmeep3687d ago

*twilight zone music starts playing*

die_fiend3687d ago

Cos a year on it's still in the top 2 games on the PS3. Get it and complete it before arguing otherwise. It's probably the best 360 game IMO

Jamegohanssj53687d ago

Aren't these the same guys that didn't give LBP a 10?


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omni_atlas3687d ago

Wow, eurogamer actually being unbias towards the PS3 for once?

BigPappaPump3687d ago

You took the words right out of my mouth omni! Who would ever thought that a tough customer like Eurogamer would give a favorable review to a PS3 game? A port at that! I'm still pinching myself after experiencing a state of shock.

razer3687d ago

take the tin foil hats off #1 and #2 bioshock is just that good of a game.

dantesparda3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

The game is not that good, but the game is that overrated. And I would know, i beat it. Check my gamertag

Harry Flopper3687d ago

But I'm also surprised that E-u-r-o-g-a-m-e-r gave it a 10/10

Zerodin3687d ago

Harry, you really ARE as dumb a you act!
Both versions got 10/10!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3687d ago

If Sack-boy had a Big GUN then LBP would of got 10/10!!! ;-D

If 'LBP' was on the xBox 360 to, then it would of got 10/10 from EuroM$gamer!!! :-/

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The story is too old to be commented.