Deep-Sixed Review - Skewed 'n Reviewed

Michael writes: "People today have become spoiled by the use of a simple device known as a mouse. Back in the early days of computer gaming the mouse was pretty much non-existent (or at least wasn’t as crucial as it is today). Some games came with massive keyboard overlays that showed you the shortcuts to everything. In fact, I can still recall from memory the keypresses required to play Red Storm Rising, a submarine game released by Microprose Software back in 1988 (wow was that really 30 years ago…I digress). The point here is that while most games are played with a mouse and some keyboard presses, some games still require you to memorize keystrokes. Deep-Sixed is one of those games, with so much going on and the need for quick reflexes, your trusty mouse will thank you for learning hot-keys and shortcuts to make moving around the dilapidated ship that much easier. I’m getting ahead of myself though, we’ll come back to this later."

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