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Santa Monica Studios introduced God of war in 2005, the story of Kratos was born and I was instantly hooked. A promising Spartan warrior with an army who served the Olympian Gods for 10 years. When finally facing annihilation, The Spartan (Kratos) prays to Aries to save him and his army and ends up ultimately defeating his enemies, But at a cost. His God fuelled blood lust eventually leads him to kill his own family. With their bodies burned, the remaining ash stains his skin forever becoming the Ghost of Sparta. Athena lends Kratos a much-needed hand and helps him find Pandora's Box to unleash its power so that Kratos can kill Aries and become the God of War. With Kratos gaining immortality, he is cursed with nightmares of the night he murdered his family. This was the origin of Kratos. A story strongly based in greek mythology and a very successful franchise for many years after. A lot has changed from the 2005 original release. 5 games and remasters later on ps3 and ps4

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SuperSonic91233d ago

Finally a game that shows maturity, wisdom and actually succeeds in telling a good story by great gameplay and graphics.

The combat here will never get old. Trust me.

xX-oldboy-Xx233d ago

Next up is TLOU2 - that should crank the mature story telling to the next level.

OffRoadKing233d ago

Just completed the Hraezlyr dragon fight, let me just say, holy friggin shite!!!!

DanteVFenris666233d ago

That’s actually a pretty standard fight for gow standards. Their has been far more epic bosses across the series.

But boss had some good mechanics that made it fun

OffRoadKing233d ago

I'm no stranger to the series and I'm aware there have been some pretty epic boss fights, that being said the dragon fight was still amazing and rates right up their with the best of them, imo.

StormSnooper233d ago

And another 10. Gotta love it.

Elda233d ago

Deserves all 10's knowing this game is absolutely amazing!!

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