Hellblade's Devs Are Making A Real Difference - What's Everyone Else's Excuse?

COGconnected: Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is one of the first successful mainstream games we’ve seen to tackle a real-world issue and dedicate a percentage of sales to a meaningful cause, which prompts an important question: where are all the other games for change?

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OffRoadKing91d ago

Not every game needs to do what Hellblade did. Hellblade is great, its message import, but we dont need real world issues and social justice warrior-ing brought into every game.

KickSpinFilter91d ago

Loved this game dug the feel, but ya don't do this to every game.

roadkillers91d ago

I think it would be pretty nice for devs to give some of their additional revenue to causes. Not saying they aren't, but I would encourage them to be more vocal like Ninja Theory was.

SuperSonic9191d ago

NieR Automata's ending did a really good real world charity for millions of people who are gamers.

FinalFantasyFanatic91d ago

With all the SJWing, it tends to ruin things like games and comics, although doing some charity would be nice if possible.

Gatsu90d ago

Other successful developers could donate money too like Ninja Theory does.

Testfire90d ago

How do you know they don't?

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AKS91d ago

It's never enough for social justice warriors. They will never be satisfied, and they ruin almost everything they touch. If any particular topic is part of an artist's vision, that's fine, but trying to force things in the preachy, authoritarian manner in which social justice warriors operate ruins everything.

343_Guilty_Spark91d ago

It’s never enough for the I’m UnComfortable talking about the things others are uncomfortable with Defenders.

SJW my ass...what have you ever had to fight for?

AKS91d ago

"what have you ever had to fight for?"

I joined the Marine Corps at 17 years of age 2 weeks after graduating from high school during numerous military conflicts in the mid 90s. And you?

eferreira91d ago

Only thing 343 has fought for was the remote from his mom to watch tv

81BX91d ago

Did you actually partake in any of those conflicts? Just asking. Find it odd the way you chose to word it

AKS91d ago

I worded it that way because there were multiple unrelated conflicts during that time. Sometimes it involved deployment; other times it was security related work or various types of training for other potential conflicts instead. The one that thankfully didn't happen was Kosovo, which fortunately the US didn't get involved with directly despite urging from warmongering battleaxe Secretary Albright.

343_Guilty_Spark90d ago (Edited 90d ago )


YOU volunteered to serve your country. Congratulations you fought because YOU wanted too, not because someone told YOU had to. I’m talking about literally fight for something because others said you didn’t deserve the have the same rights as others.

Plenty volunteer to fight in wars in other countries...No one volunteers to be female, black, a person of color, LGBTQ+, etc etc. No one volunteers to be disenfranchised, discriminated against etc etc because they look or act differently than others.

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Cueil90d ago

Ooh ah devil dog get some!

Tankbusta4091d ago

Yay preachy article trying to brow beat others into the authors beliefs... Woo

Derceto91d ago

No offense to Hellblade at all, as it's a solid game, but........... we really don't need a surge in games that "tackle real-world issues".

Most people play games to escape real world issues, not tackle them.

Gatsu90d ago

The article means that the Hellblade developer gives money away for different causes, depending on the amount of sales. Now how many other game developers do that?

987678990d ago (Edited 90d ago )

It's a good publicity. If the money they spend to charity gets coverage and good impression, the money is well spend. This is just one of a PR move to promote the studio.

Charity is a good move, but forced charity because of social judgment is not a good sign. This article is like the Ice bucket challenge, it is up to the publishers to decide if they need to donate any amount.

stokedAF91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Lmao! How did it make a difference? It’s a good game but what the hell are you even talking about? It certainly didn’t make enough difference to be smug and belittle ENTERTAINMENT lol.

Do you have a PHD in mental illness after playing hellblade? What’s everyone’s else’s excuse? They don’t revolve around your ignorant point of view. That’s their excuse. Dumb article.

JAWx42391d ago

I'm pretty sure they were referring to the money they donated as making a difference, not the existence of the game itself. The article is still ridiculous though.

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