PES 2009 plays a good game but what about online?

Guardian writes: "I've been playing PES 2009 – it's released this Friday - since the weekend and well, it's hard to know what to think really. The game feels slightly slower than last year but still plays noticeably faster than FIFA. The ball zips between players, despite feeling – and sounding – heavier than you would expect. And the Champions League licence adds some much needed pizzazz. All good. And where it matters – on the pitch – I still find PES more enjoyable to play than FIFA. But, and this is a very big but, I haven't been able to play online yet."

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sonarus3684d ago

All konami has to do this yr to earn my 60 bucks for pro evo is give the game an online mode that actually works

bigman2u083684d ago

They dont switch the servers on till friday so obvious there is going to be laggy experiences...

and as for squad updates there is going to a patch released on day of release....

be patient it pays off