Why God of War is an Early Game of the Year Contender

God of War ticks all the right boxes, and it's incredible how good everything works in this game.

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AspiringProGenji154d ago

I hope everyone who was supporting that BS graphics comparison of the world serpent grab their balls and squeeze them hard when they get to the Lake of the Nine and realise that scene remained untouched; no downgrades whatsoever. I just got there and was amazed by it. Game looks so much crisper in person than online videos it hurst... and this is on Base PS4

UCForce154d ago

He is going to get a bad rep for this.

showtimefolks154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

God of war will win because it deserves it and because the only other game RDR2 may not be as focused on single player after the success of Gta online

Maybe if Bethesda releases a new IP but even than its rumored to be made in same engine as FO4

GOW is clear favorite

UltraNova154d ago

Honestly with a Rockstar game out this year its kinda impossible for any other game to get GotYA because you know, press wet their jeans for a R* game. We shall see!

As for what a f***** game...I'm in a perpetual jaw dropped state 6 hrs in...I cant stress this enough but I dont want this game to finish....ever! Damn you Santa Monica you got me hooked.

SuperSonic91154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

God of War redefines the meaning of Game of the Year.

It has all important game criterias firing on all cylinders!


It screams highest quality and not some underpowered overpriced game.

Like The Last of Us God of War is video game's ambassador of goodwill to the wolrd of other forms of entertainment.

bolimekurac154d ago

thank god, so now we can truly get past fps and resolutions as they dont make a great game, god war might not hit 4k, doesnt hit a solid frame rate and you dont see any sony fans complaining at all, so a good game is just that, a awesome game goes beyond resolution and framerate, so from now on when a big game comes out again for sony or xbox no one should bring up resolution or framerate ever again as it clearly doesnt matter as everyone is enjoying this awesome game in god of war.

badz149154d ago


"...god war might not hit 4k, doesnt hit a solid frame rate and you dont see any sony fans complaining at all..."

are you taking a dig at complains towards Zelda BoTW last year? dude, unlike BoTW, GoW runs at 30fps just fine and almost no drops below that target on base PS4 with amazing graphics to boot. it's on the Pro where they target checkerboard 4K60fps that it runs lower than 60. but after the last update, it runs on average 56fps now., GoW has no performance issue except the 60fps target which is demanding for the kind of graphic that it has. BoTW is cell shaded yet drops to the 20fps regions regularly even docked on Switch and still is after being patched.

a great game is a great game, yes but don't try to imply that res and fps don't matter. they do!

OffRoadKing154d ago

Have you done the Hraezlyr dragon fight yet? Dude its unbelievable!

SuperSonic91153d ago

We were playing that with our jaws on the floor!

majiebeast154d ago

Its going to be TLOU vs GTA V all over again with God of War sweeping the awards over RDR2. Then there is the underdog in the race Spidey.

rainslacker154d ago

Good year to be a gamer regardless.

SuperSonic91154d ago

Only PlayStation gives a balanced GOTY material game.
Gameplay, Graphics, Fun Factor, Sound, Storytelling, Hardware push are all balanced but in full power!

Deep-throat154d ago

Zelda BOTW got many awards than HZD. And let's not forgot The Witcher 3, TEH most awarded game!

UCForce154d ago

@Deep-throat You want this new God Of War to fail,don’t ya ? I get it that Witcher 3 won the most award which I respect that. But you have no respect to others game especially you really really really hate Sony. Now that’s where you are disrespectful gamer. I know you are not responding. I remember you said that you did have PS2 games way back then and you said yourself a true gamer which is not convincing. Because your reputation is low and people hate your attitude.

Deep-throat153d ago


Bro I don't hate Sony. Stop saying that!!! And no, I don't want GOW to fail.

I own two PS2s. I never said that.

UCForce153d ago

@Deep-throat Really ? Is that how you respond ? Then why you said all Sony games are all cinematic ? That’s sound like you are hating Sony and want them to failed. You have a bad rep and no one will take you seriously. The only time I agreed with you when you were not being blinded by corporate BS. But most of time, you are really not helping.

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maybelovehate154d ago

I am not quite done with it, and it is awesome. But at the moment I still have Monster Hunter World ahead of it overall. Graphically God of War is definitely better, but Monster Hunter is a better video game in my opinion. Not really a knock on God of War, just a testament to how great Monster Hunter World is.

submarinna154d ago

We all see through your bs.

maybelovehate154d ago

You mean you see that I am not owned by a video game company. I guess to you that would be BS lol

AspiringProGenji154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

You look like you are owned by Capcom tho lol

TheColbertinator154d ago

Monster Hunter is a better game.

Best plays on the Xbox One X.

maybelovehate154d ago

At least until the definitive edition comes out on PC.

OffRoadKing154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

This article isn't about Monster Hunter or xbonex so take you're trolling elsewhere.

UCForce154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

@maybelovehate Why are you sounding like a troll for a moments ? God of War is Sony First Party game which never come to PC. This is not like MS where they just losing their confidence on Xbox One.

Aenea153d ago

Ahh, the One X version has more and better game mechanics, again... Good to know....

1-pwnsause-1153d ago

It’s ok... stop your suffering, buy a ps4...

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TheColbertinator154d ago

True but right now the X is the place to be.

God of War should come to Xbox someday.

maybelovehate154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

Or at least PC where we can play it at an acceptable frame rate.

OffRoadKing154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

Looks like you've crawled out of your hiding hole now that the review score articles are dying down. Guess its back to trolling as usual for you. God of War will never come to xbox, not surprised you're begging for our superior games though.

nowitzki2004154d ago

Everything you said is so wrong. Everything

Bathyj154d ago

Hard to tell if you're serious or just that delusional. I suspect your just a deliberate troll cos your so bored with nothing to play.

In case your actually serious, That's the beauty of a platform holder making its own games. They never go to other consoles. You might say they were EXCLUSIVE to the platform they were made for. Geddit?

UCForce154d ago

Then you two are anticompetitive.

mervin43154d ago

Lol, clearly Colbertinator isn't serious guys hahaha

OB1Biker154d ago

'right now the X is the place to be.'
In a GOW article that sounds like a nasty sarcasm.

dreue154d ago

Dude, stop that, no x or ms deserve a game lile god of ear, reason xbox did nothing for gami g this want to pkay god of war get a ps4... Lol the lazy brand that xbox is and you want sony to just give way? No man go play halo then on xbox x

Aenea153d ago

Let's see, we have 2 companies (skipping Nintendo for this) that make consoles and games, one is primarily a hardware manufacturer that makes games too to sell their console hardware. The other is primarily a software company that makes a console to sell their software for.

Of these two, for which company makes it more sense to make games for the other console?

SublimeStylee2153d ago

Xbox is definitely the place to be if u like bragging about 4k res updates in 10 year old games, definitely the best console for lack of new ips, exclusives and single player experiences, the leaders in over promising time and time again, failing to deliver. Ya sounds like a great place to be.

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TheColbertinator154d ago

Nothing wrong with 30FPS so long as its locked. I play both Xbox and PC so I "adjusted" from 30-60.

maybelovehate154d ago

You know what I do when the frame rate drops below 60fps on PC? I turn off features or lower resolution until it hits 60fps.. There is no way I would play a game at 30fps on PC. Just wouldn't happen haha.

SublimeStylee2154d ago

Some people are seriously messed in the head, over 15 hours on resolution mode and not once for a single second did I personally notice any drops that interfered with my gameplay. It pretty much runs like butter.

maybelovehate154d ago

Just curious but why do you say god no? I personally have around 300 hours in Monster Hunter World. And that wasn't because I was bored or had no games to play. I just had to master every weapon. Such a complex game with so many unique strategies and builds. God of War is so simple in comparison.

Sm00thNinja154d ago

One. MHWs fomula is simple go here, collect this, kill X monster, capture X monster and it doesn't deviate from that formula. The story is strictly there to introduce you to gameplay mechanics. I have a ton of hours into Monster Hunter. That being said, the longevity of MHW is much longer than GoW, of course. I'm sure I'll have played Destiny for more hours than ill play God Of War. God of War has such a believable world, the character performances are flawless. The combat is so visceral and beautiful. Have you taken down the troll? That fight was amazing. There isn't really any noteable flaws in God of War, yet for me. I haven't completed the game. The ending could ruin it for me, who knows.

Graphics: ✓✓✓
Sound: ✓✓✓
Story: ✓ ✓✓
Gameplay: ✓✓✓

Monster Hunter World is fantastic I'm sure I'll revisit it to take down the new elder dragon soon and the addition of Devilho was perfect, but it wouldn't be a game of the year contender. Just too many strong titles led by God of War imo.

I'd be willing to bet MHW won't take home ONE GOTY award. As great as MHW is. To each his own though if it's your GOTY I can respect that too

maybelovehate154d ago

Are you talking about the troll at the very beginning of the game? I am about 6 hours in at this stage. Fought 4 boss type enemies. None of them have offered much challenge yet though. The combat is ok in my opinion. Basically Dark Souls combat without the depth of weapons and the boss AI so far isn't even in the same ballpark as bosses in Bloodborne or Dark Souls. And definitely not even remotely close to the monster fights in Monster Hunter. But as you say, to each their own. I do like the game. But I can't put it in the same conversation of Monster Hunter. Not yet anyhow. Maybe it will get a lot better.

P_Bomb154d ago

Well conversely, I’ve no interest in MHW maybelovehate. The beta just felt stiff, clunky, with production and controls that didn’t make me wanna continue after all the other RPGs I’ve played in the past year. So I can’t put it in the same conversation as GOW either, but from the opposite POV.

tbh the amount of rpg elements they’ve added to GOW is already surprising. But I ain’t playing rpgs all year. Certainly not 300hrs of anything. Too many games to spend an entire quarter on just one, let alone one that doesn’t interest me.

Sm00thNinja154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

@maybelovehate if you haven't been challenged by GoW there's no way your playing in anything but a comfortable difficulty level.

It almost challenges me to question how much youve invested in attempting to enjoy the game. The troll, after you've seen the World Snake. Not the very first boss battle 😑
What console are you playing MHW on may I ask?

maybelovehate154d ago

I started on the balanced Difficulty but very quickly switched to the challenge difficulty. The few times I have died was more due to me not seeing enemies than actually the difficulty of the AI. Also not a fan of how the camera behaves in combat, I will have to check the settings but it seems to stick a lot on enemies when I don't want it to.

The two troll type bosses I have fought were pretty easy. The monkey boss was a little harder but mostly just because I had wasted my Rage just before it started. But once the ads were gone he was easy as he only had a few predictable moves.

I play Monster Hunter on Xbox One X. We just busted the horns for Kulve Taroths. It was pretty awesome. Although not my favorite boss. I prefer the flying Monsters, flash pods are king haha.

And I am not saying that God of War is easy, just after years of playing Dark Souls, Bloodborne and even Breath of the Wild, none of the bosses so far have offered a challenge on the level I am used to from those games.

Goldby153d ago


Try give me god of war, changes up every enemy might give you that challenge you aren't experiencing

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Antifan154d ago

The xbot troll that pretends to play Playstation games that pretends to be a PC fanboy lmao.

OffRoadKing154d ago

Its funny watching his one man smear campaign.

AnubisG154d ago

I played about 4 hours of Monster Hunter World than I put it down to do it being so borring and the fighting is a joke.

On the other hand I can't stop playing GoW.

This is just my opinion though.

UCForce154d ago

No, your defending publishers greedy antics which people will never forget. That’s why people will never take you seriously and you have a bad rep. I love Monster Hunter World, but God Of War is something more and even better than MHW. God of War executed perfectly. God of War is Unsung Hero because Sony gave the game early to reviewers which showed they have confidence and they want the reviewers take their time with game, not rushing it. Like Easy Allas reviews, it feel unbiased because it’s so detailed in every words.

rainslacker154d ago

Not quite done? You say you're six hours in....that's barely the start of the game.

Have you done nothing but play this game since it's release? About 15 hours in for me, and it seems like it hasn't even started yet. At 14 hours you'd probably at the first real boss fight in the game, assuming you did a bit of side exploration.

You say below you're only 6 hours in and fought 4 different bosses? I'd say the trolls aren't really bosses, and at 6 hours, unless you're rushing through the story, you wouldn't have gotten to what I would call the first real boss fight. I don't consider the stranger one, and it wasn't meant to be a challenge, but an introduction. I don't even know if it was possible to lose that fight, because he managed to "kill" me twice between the transitions.

Even at "normal" settings, there is just too much variety in the combat for me to believe that you can't find a challenge. If you're rushing through the game that fast, your experience and silver won't be high enough to level up to not be taken down by 3-4 hits from the stuff in Alfheim. Without at least a health upgrade, you're likely to be two shot by the boss at the end of that level. It takes side exploration and puzzle solving to get at least one.

The fact you can master the combat system to be that good in six hours just seems laughable to me. So, I'm calling BS on your "review", because it just doesn't add up, and anyone who has played the game can easily say why you're wrong. In fact, I'd encourage others to chime in on the subject.

But, I guess if you want more challenge, and better AI, go hit up some of those black clouds around the area.

P_Bomb154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

That’s the thing. There’s so much more to see than the traditional GOW race to the finish line.

Once you start exploring side quests and going left and right, up and down, not just forwards, that’s when it clicks.

And you’ll need to in order to unlock the best moves, upgrades, runes and optional maps like Muspelheim. Optional bosses like the Valkyries. Not a game you’ll appreciate with a speed run.

maybelovehate154d ago

First of all it isn't a review. I said so far. But I am glad to hear those mini bosses aren't actual bosses. As for the combat system, we have been using similar mechanics in games for many years. I pick up combat in games really quickly because I have played a lot of games. It wasn't always that way. First time I played Dark Souls I almost gave up, but now it is just par for the course.

Curious by what you mean by variety in combat though? Do you mean the enemy AI? If so I am curious what you find tough about the AI so far? They have all been straight forward so far, they attack and you either dodge or block. The bosses pretty much follow the same pattern so far with the exception of the stone guy who opened his chest to shoot the blast, although he was the easiest of them all thanks to them putting a cover mechanic right next to him.

And I am not blowing through it. I have done all the puzzles I can so far. So far they have gone really quickly, they show you symbols and you hit them in some order. There are a few I have not been able to do though, but my boy told me I don't have what I need yet so I didn't even bother trying.

So what again am I wrong about? I said I like the game. Does it bother you that much that it isn't my favorite game? Enjoy the game. I am.

rainslacker154d ago (Edited 154d ago )


You also say you're not quite done...implying you are close to the end, or further in than 6 hours into a game that the dev said would take 20-25 hours for the story alone. That isn't quite done, that's barely starting.

And yeah, there is variety in the combat. Go find Fenrir, and see if just dodge/attack works for you. Six hours in the game and you barely scratched the surface, yet you critique the game play. Or explore some of the lake of the nines, and see if you can just dodge/attack when you have several enemies swarming you with different attacks. 6 hours in, and you can't possibly be much past Alfheim without rushing through, skipping cutscenes(if that's even possible), and not bothering with gathering resources.

I don't find the AI tough as a whole, but there are times where it's not particularly easy, or at least immediately apparent how to handle them, and lots of enemies require more than just dodge/attack. Another reason I question what you say. Even then, to critique the AI while you're still in the beginning section of the game is extremely silly, because I played Monster Hunter, and the first 6 hours of that game was pretty easy.

The critique you give of GOW can easily be made with just a few youtube videos, or in some cases just the trailers they've shown so far. However, what you actually say is more indicative of someone who hasn't played the game. For instance, the puzzles. Yeah, they have those symbols ones. but several puzzles along the path are integrated into the environment to progress. They aren't overly complicated that early in the game, but can be more complex later on, and it's not always readily apparent what the solution is.

It doesn't bother me if you like the game, but you have a long history of being negative towards Sony. MHW is a good game, I agree with that. And I can see why someone may like it better than GOW. But I can't take you at face value when you give your critique here, because of your history, and the fact your critique doesn't line up with how the game actually is.


I just got the 2nd key to another realm(can't remember which one), and I'm looking forward to it. But then I got distracted by a couple side quests(2nd dwarven favor) while just randomly going around and trying to work on the story itself.

That's where the game really clicks. It's just so easy to move fluidly from one thing to the other without even trying. It's that flow which makes an open-world game work. It's not just decide to go and do some side quests in lieu of following the story.

OB1Biker154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

Talking about black clouds I m getting one hit killed by two random guys on a lake of nine dock. Maybe that's what you mean? I know I should move on and come back to it later but I m reluctant to give up that fight haha

slappy508154d ago

I agree with you; definitely bordering on the impossible lines if you faced 4 bosses within 6 hours. That would assume he doesn't have upgraded gear because you need to go out and look for plans and parts, and those chests that give you health and rage upgrades, you need to go out and find them and at times can take a few minutes to solve those puzzles of opening the chests. Otherwise 1 hit from anything and you're done for, even from common enemies and travelers. I played all weekend, I must have put 15 hours in at least and ive only faced 1 god and 1 dragon. I would assume those and the mammoth creatures encounter qualify as bosses whilst the trolls are just sub bosses. I definately have a job on my hands if I face a lvl 5 oppenent now whilst being level 4. Im sure he's trolling, in another article he says 30fps games are unplayable yet he bought GOW knowing it would be that? And why buy a console if thats how most of the games are gonna be. A case of a fool and his money being easily parted?

maybelovehate153d ago

So your beef is that I said I am not quite done yet.. lol. Fair enough. I said exactly where I am. For me it is about 6 hours. I am past the stone mini boss who opens his chest. And like I said I have done all the puzzles that I have seen, that I can. I have unlocked some skills. I don't really find that I use them much, but I do have some unlocked. I have one that does like a force push and stuns enemies a bit. Haven't really used that one much. Swapped it for the one where you hit the ground and cause sort of a blast at all enemies that I use more. I have one where I twirl and hit a lot of enemies which I haven't even tried yet. My gear is all around level 3 at this point. As far as enemies 2 shotting me, some of them might. The few times I have died was when guys spawned I didn't see and pretty much killed me right away. But generally as long as I know the general vicinity of where they are, I have been able to keep from getting hit. The Axe freezing most enemy types so far especially makes this easier since you can temporarily remove a guy from the equation if you start get overwhelmed. When you are overwhelmed a bit, that is when rage comes into play.

As far as puzzles built into the environment, do you mean the ones where you have to find a line of sight to throw the axe through them? There was a couple where I sent me son to drop chains for me in the very beginning and there are some things where I have to throw my axe to freeze doors or levels etc but those have all been pretty obvious.

I am sure they will get harder later though. The game is good. I am enjoying it. Do I think it is as good as Monster Hunter? Not yet, but I don't think any games outside of Breath of the Wild and Bloodborne are better than Monster Hunter this gen. But again, these are just my impressions so far. I am sure it will get better.

rainslacker153d ago


If you're talking about that first dock to the right after you get to the lake, then it is possible to kill them without leveling up. However, you have to be quick and pay attention to where both of the enemies are at all times, because they will time their attacks so when you're dodging one, the other will attack if you try a quick counter attack. It can be very rewarding to do these things early on, as they drop nice materials for upgrades, but it wouldn't hurt to at least have a couple armor upgrades and maybe at least one strength upgrade. Also helps to be ready to rage early, and possibly get a 2nd rage in. Once you kill one of them, the second is pretty easy with the dodge/attack method....or you could switch aggro between Artreus and yourself and just stay at a distance or figure out how to stun them, which I never seemed to do. Artreus becomes better at helping after Alfheim though, so might want to get that out of the way.


My beef is that you are saying things that aren't true about the combat, and basing a critique on what I would say is extremely short time with the game. There are people on here who have played for 15-20 hours and haven't even gotten to a 4th boss. But if you consider trolls bosses, which I wouldn't, then yeah, maybe you're at the end of Alfheim, but I can't see how after that you think it's just dodge/attack all the time.

Force push is the first skill you're likely to unlock. You get that from a weapon upgrade after the first troll I believe. The axe doesn't freeze every enemy. Many will dodge your thrown axe attacks, so you'll need to use skills or Artreus to distract them. But when you get the flying witches with a couple more enemies, the axe throws aren't really advisable. There is another freeze attack which is handy though.

THere are the line of sight puzzles, but also some others where you have to move stuff around, or activate things in a specific order. This becomes more common as Artreus gets more arrow types to use.

So, I'm going to go off the premise that you have played the game. With that, I can say you haven't played it enough to actually be able to give reliable critique of the combat system.

Nothing wrong with comparing it to MHW if you want, but you should leave it at that, or play more before making a comparison. Like most games of any decent length, you aren't going to see all the possibilities or difficulties of your fighting or enemies in the first 1/5 of the game.

It's not that the game is overly difficult in normal mode, and if you're good at the combat, then I can see it being possible to breeze your way through it. But if you aren't using the skills you have, then you aren't good at the combat, and you're taking a lot longer to kill things than you need to. The level 3 skills add a lot of variety and combos to the system.

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Old McGroin154d ago

Thought God of War being a GOTY contender kinda went without saying.

blackblades154d ago

All hell will break lose if it doesnt, geoff game award better not rob it. GoW been on the top news for weeks taking all 4 slots for, hell the whole site. Don't remember no other game doing that.

PhantomS42153d ago

It's definitely a contender for sure but we still have 7 months left that they consider to be "2018 releases" so there are plenty of games to challenge it. Though the rest of the year needs to bring it's A game now. RDR2 will be it's the biggest competitor for sure.

Gardenia153d ago

Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to be GotY

Sm00thNinja154d ago

GOW IS A GAME OF THE GENERATION CONTENDER! Definitely going to scoop up GOTY from several sites. Right now it's going unopposed. No game this year touches what Santa Monica has brought to the table.

Red Dead Redemption 2 still will have a say. Spiderman looks fantastic as well. Pokemon Switch could be a real game changer too depending on the route Nintendo chooses to go with it.