Here is an amazing fan remake of Nintendo 64's Star Wars Rogue Squadron in Unreal Engine 4

DSOGaming writes: "Thanaclara is currently working on an amazing fan remake of the classic Nintendo 64 Star Wars Rogue Squadron game in Unreal Engine 4."

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Snookies12211d ago

Would love a remake of the Pod Racing game on N64. Didn't expect much from it when I rented it, but it turned out to be a really fun game.

Neonridr211d ago

all the Rogue games were tons of fun. Whatever happened to Factor 5 :P

darthv72209d ago

They made Lair and the rest is history.

Kleptic209d ago

^haha that one hurts, but about as objectively true as a comment can be.

bacrec1210d ago

The arcade game was fun too.

ImportGamer3004210d ago

Shadows of The Empire could use a fan remake

Sam Fisher210d ago

Was about to click then i saw the site....... nope

neocores8055210d ago

Dont understand... WHy people talk about working on something like this only for it to be SHUT DWN.. I give this dude like a month or two before they shut him down

SubZtx210d ago

Yeah I never understood the thinking behind this. Finish it and get it on the web somewhere. The rest will take care of itself...

TheGamingArt210d ago

This isn’t worth anyone’s time to watch

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