Game Freak trademarks term "Ultra Shiny" in Japan

Game Freak and Nintendo have filed for a new trademark known as “Ultra Shiny”.

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PhoenixUp213d ago

The last game from Game Freak I’ve played was Tembo the Badass Elephant.

It’s nice when they do other non-Pokémon related projects every now and again.

xX1NORM1Xx213d ago

Oh god... mega evolutions and alohan forms are the worst things they have added to pokemon imo.

-Foxtrot213d ago

Yup. Not to forgot the awful Ultra Beast crap, so gimmick like

Get back to basics I say

Kosic212d ago

I agree. These island challenges are boring. I much prefer the 8 gym badges > league > bonus region to explore.

I played like 15 hours of the latest pokemon game and was bored to death by how child friendly designed it seemed to be.

DJK1NG_Gaming213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

Nintendo, The Pokemon Company and Game Freak didn't trdaemark Megas or Z-Move or Alolan Forms.
Nor do the word Shiny is used for Pokemon in Japan it's just Color Pokemon
They aren't called Shiny Pokemon in Japan.
Shiny is a Western Official Name

213d ago
ZaWarudo213d ago

Please come out this year. I haven't played a Pokemon game since Pearl.

I miss Pokemon so much, the Nintendo Switch is my first Nintendo hardware since the original DS.

Teflon02213d ago

Diamond and pearl were horrible games. Sun and moon are good but the horrible pixelation in the game is a issue. Black and White 2 were too. My main issue with newer ones are the stupid things like mega evolutions and the fact that only some have it and some don't. It makes everyone use the same pokemon and try follow a stupid meta when before no one cared about meta and crap like that.