Detroit: Become Human Won't Just Be a Game – It Delivers an Important Scenario and Message

This article looks over the upcoming game Detroit Become Human and the future scenario that we will probably all face.

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robtion212d ago

Me too. Love Quantic Dream's games.

Great article too. AI is definitely a potential threat. Interesting stuff.

FallenAngel1984213d ago

Shouldn’t it go without saying that any narrative driven project will deliver a message?

Godmars290213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

Not really. A good narrative maybe part of a well done and involving story, but forcably inserted messaging often ruins what could have been a competent or even great work.

bouzebbal212d ago

So much greatness on PS4..
i am still not finished with Horizon...

SuperSonic91212d ago

Soon video games will be co ering just about any kind of story known to mankind just like the other forms of entertainment and informatiin technology.

EazyC212d ago

There will always be a place for tv shows ; the likes of Deadwood and the Sopranos are only possible through that medium. I think games are like this also, especially ones with choice - based narrative

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