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Sony Santa Monica has evolved Kratos in God of War and in the process delivered a technical and narrative showpiece that any PS4 fan should be proud of.

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neutralgamer1992150d ago

i think this can get to 96/100 on meta if this keeps up

capjacksparrow150d ago

While it wouldn't be nice to see because the game is amazing (so far from what I've played), Edge just gave it and 8/10 which will probably keep it anchored at 95 :(

ILostMyMind150d ago

Today IGM gave GoW a score 8/10. It may have hold the final score where It is now.

UCForce150d ago

I don’t care about it. But look at user metacritics score, it’s sit at 9.2. You can tell that hardcore and casual are loving this game.

TheRealHeisenberg150d ago

I don't care where it finishes on meta. My new GoW Pro bundle arrived sooner than I expected thanks to expedited shipping and my experience has been 10/10 so far.

Realms149d ago

Why do people care about metacritic it's garbage the only opinion that matters should be your own so far this game has not disappointed me money well spent. If anything I just hope it maintains a good enough score so that SSM get's their bonus they earned it.

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Wrex369150d ago

Do they have any special colored ps4's for this?

MasterCornholio150d ago

They have a limited edition PS4 Pro with the game.

GNCFLYER150d ago

Honestly I just hope it holds at whatever score is necessary for the team to rake in bonuses because a lot of times that's in the print.

Cory's team deserves it. I'm taking a break right now but this game is friggin amazing. It's better than I imagined it.

OffRoadKing149d ago

Games out and the perfect scores keep rolling in.

jorellpogi149d ago

Regardless of the score, what matters was the unforgettable experience from the game. This game is a certified blockbuster. It will surely move a lot of hardware and software sales.

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