Codemasters Explain Why OnRush is Different From Other Arcade Racers | EGX Rezzed 2018

Alex Perkins from Codemasters talks to us and explains why Onrush isn't like other arcade racers, Why Codemasters is the best racing developer and the PS4 Pro's interpretation of 4K vs Xbox's.

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Marcello116d ago

Best racing game developer in the world ??? well going from Dirt Rally i would say oh yes but Dirt 4 was rubbish & this game is looking boring so bring on Grid 3 Codies.

AmstradAmiga116d ago

I have to agree as nothing I've seen yet has me remotely interested in this game.

Knushwood Butt116d ago

It looks like Motorstorm 4.

However, if there's no rubberbanding and the game forces players together, as said in the video, is the goal more destruction based?

Retroman116d ago

Best racing game developers in the world??? then REHIRE blackbox studio team get NFS back on track. Fire ghost crappy games studio with all that loot crate, always online, auto-log, alldrive, weak cop chase, constant drifting. doing errands for mafia, to many live action cut scenes. please !!! bring back simple FUN!!! cop chase , race from start-finishline like Hotpursuit 2 Underground 1-2 ,carbon, undercover. even The Run had a start-finishline tracks. MT and LOOT killed "pay loot create back" speed game. next nfs has the word "PAY" in the title watchout

Marcello116d ago

Codemasters dont have anything to do with NFS, that belongs to EA.

NiteX116d ago

I will give this game a try when it's not $60.

quent116d ago

Codemasters+arcade racer, why's it the first time for me hearing of this game ?

Muadiib116d ago

It does look good, realistic racers bore me to tears, hopefully they can pull it off.