‘Too Little, Too Late’ is Still Very Much a Thing in Modern Gaming

Modern game developers have a luxury that their predecessors would practically kill to have access to: the ability to change their games post-launch. The incorporation of the internet into video games truly must have been a dream come true for the development community. No longer would they be stuck with the version of the game they had to ship. No longer would bugs, glitches and exploits have to be permanent features. No longer would they have to scramble to make sure that the game getting released was the best possible version of itself. Video game developers have a difficult job to begin with, so gaining the ability to continue development in post must have come as something of a godsend to them. The fact that further development and fixes can come after launch, however, doesn’t mean the gaming community won’t judge a game’s initial release. Post-release patches or not, video games still only get one launch day. If the product isn’t in good shape at launch, then all the fixes and changes in the world aren’t going to save it.

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maybelovehate240d ago

It's true. Been trying so hard to get friends to play the Division since all the changes but nobody will bite.

Goldby238d ago

the issue at least that i had was after all these updates, i went back and really couldnt tell that they did major updates, i still flew through the campaign in about 6 hours with 3 other friends and never turned it back on.

-Foxtrot240d ago

No Mans Sky
Sea of Thieves
The Division
Final Fantasy XV
Destiny 2
Ghost Recon Wildlands
For Honour
Star Wars Battlefront
Star Wars Battlefront II

You could go on

maybelovehate240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

Destiny? Come on now lol.. That game was a massive success. Destiny 2, the jury is still out on overall but Destiny 1 was about as successful as video games get.

-Foxtrot240d ago

We’re not talking about success though. Crappy shallow games can sell but at it heart they have no soul

maybelovehate240d ago

Destiny was hardly crappy or shallow though.. I mean people still play it even today when most of the events are no longer running.

Goldby238d ago


Destiny was shallow though.
and people are only playing it cuz bungie decided to dumb down destiny 2 too much.

Minus the gun play, there wasnt anything really "wow" after the initial reveal. Vault of glass was about as close as you can get to that "wow" factor, later raids were a joke, dlc expansions were a joke.

UltraNova239d ago

If a game deserves to regain a fanbase, provided they made the necessary changes then why not give them a second chance? A game like NMS should be not be punished by xbox gamers for past shortcomings on another platform. Just like SoT shouldn't be punished, provided Rare releases meaningful content sooner rather than later.

As for any EA game I know...shit, let them burn.

iofhua239d ago

I mostly agree with your list but personally I liked Destiny 1 better at launch than I did after they added some of the expansions. I lost interest after a few expansions.

The one expansion that had ghostly enemies spawning everywhere at random was particularly obnoxious. Areas where I was grinding for loot suddenly became less profitable because the monster spawns would change.

I liked the story because the lore was fantastic but most of the expansions focused on multiplayer, not single player story content.

Psychotica239d ago

Ghos Recon Wildlands has been a great game from day 1..

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Derceto238d ago (Edited 238d ago )

There will never be a time when it won't be, to anyone with brains. It's pretty much fundamental. Don't sell people something that "might" be awesome 2 years after they buy it.

The tidal wave of stupid "gamers" is what got us here, and continues to drive this industry into the ground. The apathy and tolerance of being handed digital garbage for their money, and then turning around and defending these scumbag companies as though they are their childhood friends.

It's baffling really, how anyone can be that colossally stupid.