God Of War PS4 Has A Reversible Cover That Is Inspired From DOOM

God of War PS4 is out now for the PS4. It is easily one of the most anticipated PS4 exclusive of this year. If you have bought a retail copy of the game, there is a good chance that you will end up with a surprise in the form of a reversible cover art.

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Cajun Chicken239d ago

Aww, checked my case and non reversible cover.

InKnight7s239d ago

REG 2 games always came with very basic material. especaily in Ps3 the game cases were too thin and front plastic design somewhat different and weird comparing to US cases.

oasdada239d ago

FYKI all Reg all ps4 exclusives have reversible covers

Teflon02239d ago

Sadly I don't do reverse covers unless it has all the labels, number codes on the side and so on as the normal side. I hate having odd one outs in my collection lol.

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Dirtnapstor239d ago

Anymore I prefer buying digital. But this is the downside to doing so, the physical artifacts. Be nice to have an option to obtain the "stuff" with a digital download. I know it happens sometimes, but not all.

Dirtnapstor238d ago

Really?! That's your response?
You're just probing aren't you?

InMyOpinion239d ago

You also can't re-sell it.

Dirtnapstor238d ago

I get that. Every now and then I'll buy physical because I know I'll power through and pass it on. But I tend to keep games around long enough whereas the resell value is not worth selling it off. I'm not one to blast through a game once and get rid of it.

PhantomS42239d ago

Love the reversible cover, should have used it for the regular one.

porkChop239d ago (Edited 239d ago )

I bought the regular copy, and mine is reversible. It depends on your region.

Hardiman239d ago

Yeah I love reversible covers for the most part and this ones fantastic!

isarai239d ago

not really inspired by doom, Doom didn't invent the whole protagonist surrounded by enemies thing

bigmalky239d ago

Yeah, probably going back to early fantasy art, like Conan in the 1930s.

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The story is too old to be commented.