PUBG Level 3 Helmet is Being Moved to Care Packages Only

PUBG players, it is time for us to take off our hats and hang our heads in mourning as today, we lost a true ally. Speaking in a blog post, PUBG Corp revealed that the ever-coveted Level 3 Helmet will be moving over to care package only drops.

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porkChop152d ago

Wow. What a stupid decision.

jgreen1993152d ago

Really weird yeah, it'll be the vests next.

KeplerNoMore151d ago

Dem boxes wont sell themselves

OMGitzThatGuy151d ago

Care packages are in game plane drops, not loot boxes.

Madmoose151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

That's ...that's not at all how any of it works. And I know that loot box controversies are the new hotness right now for people to get angry about , but ayone that has played PUBG even just a couple of times knows that it's not about selling anything. The fact that three people so far have just blindly agreed with you just shows that people like to jump on bandwagons. Even when they don't know what they're talking about or are even agreeing with LMAO.

What they're talking about are the care package/crates that drop out of the planes that randomly fly over the map during a match. You don't spend cash or even Battle Points on them. They can't sell themselves, because they're not being sold.

Yohshida151d ago

love how you even got upvotes for that misleading comment haha

jokerisalive151d ago

WTF......thats real smart.

SpaceRanger151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

With this logic you might as well have a one tier armor set. And only have one type of gun in each category of gun. Don’t want luck playing a part, right?

No wonder fortnite is killing it.

Yohshida151d ago

Things nobody asked for. Instead the thing noone wants - the redzone - is still in the game. Heck, even competitive matches remove that stupid zone

DivineBliss151d ago

I agree redzone is a nice mechanic.

ravinash148d ago

It does not matter what you do, someone will not like it.

Yohshida148d ago

It literally makes 0 sense. Its loud as fck and just a random deathzone plus if you are out of luck, you are the target for 7 times in a row.

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