6 Games That Have Snoop Dogg in Them

In celebration of 4/20, TechRaptor listed the six best video games that have Snoop Dogg in them. Fun fact: Snoop Dogg has only actually been in six video games.

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Retroman63d ago

Uhh, Need for Speed Underground right? if my memory serve me right.

Profchaos63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

I wonder if fear and respect would have actually been any good they cancelled it due to an oversaturated market the were to many San Andreas rips but this looked unique I think it would have been a solid 7 but yeah watch the trailer now though it's so bad

Muadiib63d ago

Six games to avoid then.

Fist4achin63d ago

Do you have bright blue eyes and used to go by the name Paul?! Love that movie!

Muadiib63d ago

My name is a killing word!

milohighclub62d ago

Snoop doggs wicked man. 'Specially his early albums.

Muadiib62d ago

He's just another libtard that's a part of the problem.

milohighclub61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

@muadiib Apart of what problem?