God of War Review -

God of War is an essential experience for PS4 owners and gamers in general. It's a technical marvel which is one of, if not the, best looking games available on consoles right now. It plays like a dream and has a hugely impressive story with two memorable lead performances at the heart of it.

It's one of the finest PS4 games ever, and one of the finest games of this generation.

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sander9702241d ago

Still not seen a review that answers if this game worth getting a PS4 pro and a 4K TV for?

Hungwu241d ago

Performance mode is amazing,trust me。

xX-oldboy-Xx241d ago

Hard to say if 1 game is worth that big of an outlay. HZD + GOW + SPIDERMAN and you outlay starts looking a little more palatable.

TKCMuzzer241d ago

Because only you can make that decision based on what you want.