God of War Review - Game Rant

Sony Santa Monica has evolved Kratos in God of War and in the process delivered a technical and narrative showpiece that any PS4 fan should be proud of.

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The_Sage234d ago

Hmm... Someone thinks 10 out of 10 is not a great score.

Kabaneri234d ago

This game has a quality of production and attention to detail I havent seen since Uncharted 4. Sony 1st party is unparalleled.

DarXyde234d ago

Pretty sure Horizon has remarkable detail too. Did you not see Aloy's "horseback" aiming animation when spinning around?

fewDankMemes234d ago

I thought Zelda was definitely better than Horizon last year, but damn, God of War is incredible and is miles ahead of both.

fewDankMemes234d ago

Crazy that people disagreed with me and think that God of War isn't miles ahead of both! Ah well never know what to expect on this site.

Downvote domination across all nations!

G20WLY234d ago

I preferred Horizon, but thought both were great games.