TeamXbox: Dead Space: Composer Jason Graves Interview

TeamXbox writes: "Every game has music in it of some kind, to add color to the game and give you something on an aural level to digest. And, in fact, if the game design is effective and compelling, you often won't consciously realize there's music playing behind it, because you're so immersed in the action and concentrating on what's happening around your character, that the music kind of blends into the background.

For a horror-oriented title such as Dead Space, though, the music should be a subtle enhancement to what's going on, and actually impact you on an emotion level-raising and lowering (mostly raising) the intensity through the style of the composition and the instruments used. You're still immersed in the action, but if the score is well-crafted, it'll make you jump or raise the hair on the back of your neck as something pops out of the darkness.

Jason Graves is a veteran composer for content ranging from movies to commercials to, yes, video games. TeamXbox had a chance to trade questions and answers with Graves to find out what went into the making of Dead Space's music and how he set about constructed it to improve the overall environmental mood and the player experience."

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