Sega Ages on Nintendo Switch has us Worried About Virtual Console

“Sega Ages” sounds like a great package for retro fans, but it might also signal the end of Virtual Console as gamers know it.

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solderman241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

Worried about buying 5% of the Nintendo back catalogue all over again for the 4th time on a different device until it restarts on another? I think you are worrying about nothing, Kappa

But in all seriousness you should have probably given up on this concept already, seeing as they have not done this correctly multiple times already.

At some point it becomes no longer financially worth it to sell 30+ year old NES games and before anyone says it a subscription fee for access to a completely NES library is logistically, financially and legally impossible.

Best option right now is for them to sell compilations on cards.

Derceto241d ago

Just how many times do Nintendrones want to buy the same game? Switch is already about 50% re-released games, and now people complain about now being able to pay for 25-30 year old games yet another time. Wow.

quent241d ago

Like you're port station ?, love those "remasters"

Also nintendrones is getting old you fuckn tool

Tross241d ago

I fail to see how this means Nintendo can't release their old games their way. Sure, Sega's beating them to the punch, but once VC is released Nintendo could just move those games over there. This is hardly the first time Sega's topped Nintendo on Nintendo hardware. They actually somehow wrote a better emulator for their Game Gear than Nintendo wrote for their Gameboy and Gameboy Color games on the 3DS, and now they're somehow managing to port their games to the Switch before Nintendo can port their own games over. I think all that's really changing here is that third parties now have more freedom on how and when to port games to Nintendo's latest system and I think that's a good thing.