Wolfenstein II's physical version to require internet download on Switch

With some Switch games in the past, we’ve seen that an extra download is required for their physical versions.

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FallenAngel1984239d ago

Switch owners better get used to this practice

michellelynn0976239d ago

When the bigger cartridges come out. That may change.

Shiken239d ago

There are already bigger carts. They are taking the cheaper route.

FallenAngel1984239d ago

Publishers will still opt to use the cheaper smaller carts for better profit margins.

Theknightofnights239d ago

Storage will get cheaper with time, as well.

Theknightofnights239d ago

@the disagrees

Do you people seriously not think a storage medium will get cheaper to manufacture with time? When has that NOT been the case?

marloc_x239d ago

I think any console owner is used to downloads..

FallenAngel1984239d ago

Not when you buy physical on other platforms. Day 1 updates are one thing, but you can always just skip that process and go straight to the game as opposed to needing to download the rest of the game on Switch.

diepdiep239d ago

What do you mean? Physical PS4 game’s, for instance, still requires full game installs in the hard drive. Physical Switch games generally don’t require additional downloads except for patches and part of wolfenstein in this case.

FallenAngel1984239d ago

Game installs are completely different from requiring the internet to get the full content of a physical game you bought.

You can install a game offline anywhere. With Switch you not only need the internet but extra external various cases.

marloc_x238d ago

..just enough time to get together a drink and snack.👌

Neonridr236d ago

no you don't.. you have to install the game on PS4 or XB1. GTA took a while before you could actually play it.

FallenAngel1984235d ago

@ Neo

I didn’t say you could skip installs, I said you can skip day one updates.

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-Foxtrot239d ago

Why not just bigger cards to begin with, they want third party support yet they must know developers will want a lot of space. Hell even internal storage on the actual console, the Switch should have had the bigger memory storage within the dock, at least 500GB and you can transfer games between the dock and tablet.

Prince_TFK239d ago

While that is nice, it gonna push the Switch’s price even higher. Maybe a revision in the future might fix that.

Neonridr236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

just have to enable external HD support with the dock. It has USB ports on it. That would be a good fix for some of us at least.

FallenAngel1984239d ago

No matter how big a size cart Nintendo releases publishers will always opt for the cheaper smaller option for obvious reasons.

While Nintendo could theoretically just release a new SKU with more storage like everyone else naturally does, they couldn’t do so starting out of the gate with a lot more storage unless they wanted a more expensive console. That would’ve been an issue coming off the Wii U.

Thusly all developers have to account for consumers who have a Switch with 32GB on board with only 26GB that’s usable.

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The_Jackel239d ago

you gone f*cked up A-A-Ron.
its good switch is getting the 3rd party support but when it comes to this stuff they have stuffed it up and if its not the MP side for download and its also some sp means you need internet just to have the full game which to me is wrong

CrystalFantasy239d ago

The fundamental flaws of the Switch have steadily begun to manifest themselves over the last few months.

This is what happens when you try to be "different".

marloc_x238d ago

..I bought 200 GB for $60.
I appreciate the flexible memory options..

letsa_go239d ago

This sucks. Even with ps4/xbox one, I question starting a new game because I know I will have to install it and wait for all the stupid updates just to play the game. It kills the spur of the moment aspect of wanting to play a new game when you have a spare 30 mins or so. And I have to worry, do I have enough space to install this thing or will I have to uninstall some other game just to play it? It's like damn..I just want to put the game in and start playing!

ccgr239d ago (Edited 239d ago )

Well that kind of defeats the purpose of buying physical...

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