God Of War PS4 Gets Congrats Messages From Fellow Game Studios

Everyone from Bethesda to Naughty Dog to Yacht Club are giving the team at Sony Santa Monica a well-deserved pat on the back.

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UCForce234d ago

God of War isn’t just a video game, but it’s also create huge influences to video game industry.

naruga234d ago

I never liked God of War and i never will.......unfortunately GOW 4 doesnt change things ...but is only me ...good for PS4 that has another solid title on its belt (no matter if i dont like it at all)

UCForce234d ago

You still hate Western gaming.

killswitch80234d ago

its probably because you only play piece of shit one piece games

firelogic234d ago (Edited 234d ago )

God of War 2018 might as well be a new IP considering how drastic the changes are from the previous games in the series. Seriously, if the main character's name was Svenson and didn't have the red tattoo, people wouldn't even think to compare them, that's how different they are.

naruga234d ago (Edited 234d ago )

@Killswitch ....i dont understand what you mean by saying one piece games (wut is that??) ...if you mean Japanese made games..... yes i do ...and your comment doesnt change that Kratos design is Sh%%y altogether like he was made by an elemntary kid (other concepts and generally the artistic design of the game follows the same trend as well)

Brave_Losers_Unite234d ago (Edited 234d ago )

Naruga is the same person who thinks Resident Evil 7 is extremely bad. He also thinks Uncharted 1 is the best Uncharted. This guy clearly has issues.

TKCMuzzer234d ago

You didn't give a reason which pretty much makes your comment redundant.

naruga234d ago

@Brave Loser ....Yes U1 is the best Uncharted ....and by disagreeing with that means that you never played original Crash bandicoot trilogy ;) ........also Re7 is not bad, is literally abysmal ....

AspiringProGenji234d ago (Edited 234d ago )


GoW was not only about the fixed camera and chain blades... I wish people stop this already. GoW was mainly 3 things: ***Kratos, gore, and Mythology setting.*

If there was another character, people would compare it because the game would have been still about mythology and gore. People would ask, where is Kratos? Also this would have been done by the same developers, so again where is Kratos? Maybe dead? Did he pass the torch to someone else? It doesn't matter. It would still be called god of war because of Mythology and gore. And SSM was bold to stick with Kratos and give him a new beginning, a twists...

for the sole reason that Kratos is still there, this is GOD OF WAR!
This is this generation's God of War. The old trilogy was PS3's... time to let go already

The only way this could have been a new IP is if they got rid of the mythology setting and the gameplay was not hack n lash anymore.

UCForce234d ago

It doesn’t matter. You have your vendetta against western gaming and it’s audience. So stop lying.

morganfell234d ago (Edited 234d ago )

This is God of War. It is part of the old trilogy yet at the same time it is new. Kratos would not be the man he is without being the man he was. The players that traveled down those roads with him see him in a way that those picking up their first God of War game cannot understand. I welcome those players and they are in for a ride, but for veterans of the journey, this older Kratos has scars that 1st time players do not see...and cannot feel.

It is a series that has evolved. It has plenty in common with the previous games. And if you have not played those titles, you have as a gamer, done yourself a disservice.

The series has grown. It needed to do so for the good of the story, the gameplay, and the characters.

And yet it has retained everything important from the previous titles. Had it not expanded and matured, no matter how good the game, the sameness would have provided the ammunition small minded people would have used to try and attack the game.

joab777234d ago

Why wouldn’t you try this one. Obviously much different. Your loss!

Brave_Losers_Unite234d ago (Edited 234d ago )


The definition of abysmal is extremely bad. Seems like you attempt to use a word and not even know the meaning of it. Thank god you aren't a game reviewer because you would probably be the worst one.

Melankolis233d ago

Naruga, i don't blame you at all. A best friend of mine still think that RE5 is the best game of all time.

He didn't want to play TLOU, not interested in GOW because they change the camera. He even refused to buy PS4 because RE7 is a First Person View. All those argument he obtained by watching Youtube!!!.

While i disagree most of his thinking, i can't blame him at all. Good or bad we can always debate about it. But like or dislike is a very personal i think.

Retroman233d ago

I never liked GOW either. but this version look interesting to try it out.

nowitzki2004233d ago

Believe me when I say, I agree with you.. It does not matter whether you like it or not.

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CyrusLemont234d ago

This is the definition of gaming to me, beautifully created wide-linear single player games with powerful storytelling and incredible art and visuals. It’s exciting to think of what a company like SSM could do with the Star Wars IP, and depressing to remember that EA has exclusive rights to it.

Don’t tell EA this, these types of games don’t sell. Wahhhh we’re not making any money without these new exploitive practices, I’m only on twenty mil a year. Wahhhhh. A lot of IPs got butchered this gen by big publishers spewing out their monetised rubbish.

It’s sad, these are too far and few between all the trash and mass market multiplayer games out there. Gaming to me is rooted in single player storytelling and gameplay.

Multiplayer as far I’m concerned, is the new pub for people. Nothing more than a social conduit. Gamers are sharing a space (Xbox and PS4) with social players. They’re different things entirely to me.

God of War delivers (Up to Mimir atm) every step of the way. It is a reminder of hope that gaming can go back to the way it was.

Ceaser9857361234d ago

I would say that i am happy that i am a video gamer and got to play God of War. This game is something so special to me that i can't explain. Though i have played many games that i loved so much No games made to feel this way before..

Mosiac77234d ago (Edited 234d ago )

I’m must admit that when God of War was announced with its new combat I was worried. I saw the gameplay and told my self that God of War was ruined. Then I decided to read the reviews of the game and gave the game a chance. Now I must say that this is Sony this generation best game. I’m stunned on how great this game is. This GOW is different than the other GOW games but is the same in satisfaction. It is refreshing and the battle combat is enjoying. The axe is awesome and when you unlock more skills the battle combat gets better. My final grade of this game is A++ must play game. Thank you Santa Monica for proving me wrong.

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GamingSinceForever234d ago

I haven’t played much past the first big fight, however if it gets better than that we’re in for a treat.

SickSinceSix234d ago

The second big fight is frigging awesome.

C1yn3r79234d ago

Loving it too! The Leviathan Axe is awesome, launching and recalling it never gets old.

Dark_Knightmare2234d ago

I know we’re def going to see other game studios ape that feature in the years to come

Critic4l_Strik3234d ago

Same here man. I dont know how far into the game playtime I am in right now, but dude, i am freakin loving it!!!!

derek234d ago

The fight against the dark elf boss in the cavern is magnificent . I love this game

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XxSPIDEYxX234d ago

Amazing to see. If there's anyone that knows how much blood, sweat, and tears went into creating this masterpiece, it's other talented developers. Hope this inspires them to follow what they believe in, but most importantly I hope publishers give them the freedom and resources to do so.

SuperSaiyanGod41233d ago

I'm telling u when u can change up the gameplay mechanics to fit perfectly with the story and also have gamers have a strong connection to the characters the game doesn't just feel like a game, it actually makes u feel like your there with these characters taking the journey with them and it brings the game to life. People don't understand how much harder it is to do all these things in a game. It simply something u cannot experience just from a game that just has great gameplay like Mario Galaxy, or an online multiplayer game like fort nite. It's beyond those kinda games.

Mr-Dude234d ago

That Stranger fight.... That was awesome

jokerisalive234d ago

GOW is GOTY AND GOTG imo....I hope like hell it gets MS off there lazy asses and start making some NEW GOOD SP OFFLINE CAMPAIGN DRIVEN can hope and dream. Cuz the BS GAAS route Phil is so in love with is destroying there brand and making a complete JOKE out of Xbox and there fans deserve alot better than that. Thank goodness for games like GOW and Horizon so that they may influence the lazy companies who are only concerned with MP crapfests to rethink their strategies and create more SP games like this.

Snakeking33234d ago

Yeah that’ll happen I predict we will see Microsoft e3 will be games the same games that is halo7 gears 5 forza 9 or 10 fable 5 lucky tail 2 crack down 3 and be will be deem the greatest lineup of games every

AmUnRa234d ago

And than some third party games timed excl. and some more first on Xbox PR b*s.

ConsoleGamer233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

I'm def excited to see if they stick with "console launch exclusive" and "exclusive world premiere" or if they create new terms to suggest that they have a good number of exclusives.

The Wood234d ago

Are you the original 'jokes on you' member?

G20WLY234d ago

That guy was a nightmare

gangsta_red233d ago

Am I finally off the hook now Wood?

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