God of War 4 Director's Review Reaction Is A Reminder That Games Are Made By Humans

God of War 4 releases today on the PS4, meaning that reviews for the high-profile exclusive are now on the internet. You might read one of these assessments. The developers of the game also read these reviews, and after years of hard work and toil, it’s an emotional experience.

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Septic237d ago

And here I thought they were made by lobsters

MasterCornholio236d ago

I knew it lol.

Death to butter sauce!!!

sonarus236d ago

I still remember how he got all cocky after god of war 2 and left the team to do movies or sumthin like that. Yet to play 4 but it’s already downloaded if it’s as good as they say sounds like the guy has some real talent cus god of war 2 for me was tops in d series

MarineLineman236d ago

I hope you understand your getting disagrees because you clearly missed the point.

ConsoleGamer236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

I think he gets disagrees just because he is septic lol. Doesn't matter what comments the man posts he gets loads and loads of disagrees and afaik he worked insanely hard on his reputation to harvest all the downvotes.

Septic236d ago

It took me a lot of years to get to this stage but I'm here now. Believe in yourself and your dreams will come true 😍

PUBG236d ago

@ Septic

Are you a Jordan Peterson fan?

PUBG236d ago

@ BlackTar187

Not at all, I'm a big fan myself.

UCForce236d ago

Cory Barlog was crying in joy. Few developers have been like this.

Nintentional236d ago

How do you know other developers don’t get emotional when they see their hard work get recognition? Just because they don’t record their emotions, don’t mean it don’t happen, bro :/

LoveSpuds236d ago

I am as pleased for Barlog and Santa Monica as everyone else and I find it very heartwarming and touching to see the effect the reception to God of War has had on the studio however, I don't think those emotions are exclusive to these developers.

I am sure there are many developers in the industry who care just as much about their projects as Barlog, and I am sure they are just as committed and work just as hard.

I feel like there has been a change over the last year or two in the development industry and instead of being quite distant and showing only a professional facade, companies are starting to realise that the community like to see a human side to the companies they care about.

I think honesty, emotion and sincerity will always go over well, it is more appealing I feel, than more traditional PR for example.

Anthotis236d ago

The same humans that Kotaku SJWs campaign to get fired for being white men who say silly things on social media.

neocores8055236d ago

^ Wow Someone offend this kid.

StormSnooper236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

You mean white men (don’t have to be white nor men btw) who use their position to speak words that offend others and in the process encourage that sort of mentality giving it credence and a safe harbor.

Don’t get me wrong, there are people on both sides of the spectrum who love to be offended for silly things, but we should be careful not to over simplify the world. Sometimes a person should be held accountable for what comes out of his/her mouth.

ShadowWolf712236d ago

You'd have a valid point if this was anyone but Kotaku.

(Or Polygon, sometimes Destructoid, New Normative, etc.)

StormSnooper236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

Oh, I wasn’t talking about kotaku or polygon or the rest you mentioned, as I’m not even aware of the facts of those. I was specifically referring to generalized statements about “sjw” or other hot topic keywords being thrown around these days because I feel some people are led astray when they hear these words, and that can be a dangerous thing when these keywords are picked up by more fringe segments of our society.

Basically, what I was trying to say is that we should tread carefully so we don’t just put a “SJW” label on anyone who objects to inappropriate behavior.

ChickeyCantor236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

Yes because a developer giving a women big titties is harboring on peoples safety when playing games.

Other than that "white men" who develop games haven't offended anyone with their products. The tangent you're going off is nonsense.

OB1Biker236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

'who use their position to speak words that offend others '
Cant you see theres something wrong in that statement ?
How dare someone 'speak words' which happen to 'offend others'
I think there are very few instances where people can be held accountable for using their freedom of speech and that must be done responsibly.

StormSnooper235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

You see what I mean? The first guy thinks white people are under attack, the second guy thinks what I said means I don’t like boobs in games and that I’m saying something about white people(?), and the 3rd comment, although correct for the most part, thinks what I’m saying is going against freedom of speech because he doesn’t know that there are very sensible restrictions on the freedom of speech. That is the danger I was referring to. Someone says “SJW” and everyone agrees that it’s bad, regardless of context or circumstances.

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_FantasmA_236d ago

It doesn't matter if it's social media. I don't like every person our sub group out there, but I don't put my opinions out there and I will talk to and respect anyone I come across (unless of course they are rude and lose my respect. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it. I like to get along with everybody; regardless of race, gender, orientation, religion, etc. Everybody's people to me.

dcbronco236d ago

Septic, you do have to wonder if gamer realize there are people involved sometimes. Their sense of entitlement comes off aas if they believe the games are created through magic thoughts and no expense whatsoever comes into play. Whether its their refusal to accept higher pricing or the expectation that every game will be 40 hours long. Games have cost $60 dollars for over a decade and gamers seem to believe they should remain $60 forever. Even as they age and expect raises at their jobs to allow for the their families to prosper they still want magic from developers. This guy just understands his efforts was appreciated and he will have another opportunity to provide for his family. Even as gamers become less willing to provide job security. We should expect excellent work. But we should show appreciation for it.

Tankbusta40236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

The world "entitled" being thrown around to explain consumers who expect something special for their hard earned money is really getting old. Regardless of how much a video game costs... Paying for it comes with expectation and it has nothing to do with entitlement. The industry standard is 60 bucks and until someone is bold enough to change it that's where it's at. Also don't think if the industry standard changed to 79.99 that most devs wouldn't throw in microtransactions and loot boxes and claim they need them to feed their family as well.

UltimateOwnage236d ago

And this right here is the issue dcbronco was describing. That purchasing a product allows you permission to treat the creator like a product as well.

Being in the development and services industry, I can tell you I appreciate it a lot when someone treats me like more than a tool, or a throwaway commodity that can be replaced on a whim. And that certainly happens more than it should. That human value behind the exchange is more than just a sentiment, its fuel to keep doing my best. I'm sure that's the case for these amazing developers as they read each new review.

I also see the "purchase disconnect" mentality in gamers more these days than I recall in the past, and certainly towards developers that have may have fostered it. Like EA for example. They seem to only see gamers as a number in their corporate profit charts as they release yearly throw away content. Unfortunately a few heartless companies ruin how we see a lot of the passionate ones, too.

We used to know developers by name because of how awesome they were, like Shigeru Miyamoto, Will Wright, Hironobu Sakaguchi, John Carmack, Alexey Pajitnov, on and on. We honor great movie directors and writers, but seem to more often forget to honor the developers who make the games we love even though the creative process is just as, if not more complicated and specific than film.

Most developers work as hard to "earn" your money as you do to give it to them in exchange. I'm happy to support developers that clearly put their heart and soul into something that to them, is more than just a product. Its a huge investment of their unique talents and years of their life to make something that will stand the test of time. Hats off, Cory, and to the rest of the talented team.

ShadowWolf712236d ago

And yet, in the end, the cost of a movie ticket is the same no matter if it's an Oscar-winning timeless drama, a Spielberg Blockbuster, a Michael Bay orgy of senseless noise, or some low-tier Uwe Boll crap.

Yes, by all means, honor those that are good, but don't act like people are entitled for not supporting "unique" rates for the "good ones" or being upset when games are sub-par. Yes, devs pour a lot of work into their games, but that does not make them immune from criticism, ESPECIALLY from people paying them money for a product.

Because in the end, that's what it still is. A product.

dcbronco235d ago

Shadow Wolf movies are a very different thing from gaming. For instance what did you pay for a movie in 2005? 9.75, 10.75? It's 12.75 now. And then there are the "micro transactions" in the theater. popcorn, soda, pizza. All drastically overpriced. But no one begrudges the theater or studios a ticket hike. The studio bought a better camera, HD now. But it gets used over and over. It'll sell the rights overseas, on cable, release a dvd and have VOD. And all movies don't cost the same. Arthouse movies are usually around ten bucks here. There are certain theaters that play mostly lower budget movies that charge less.

Tank I will agree that they should drop the other revenue streams if they raise the price. Actually, I believe they need to switch to a different model along the lines of EA access. A subscription gets you access to old and new games and the games witch to a episodic format. No micros transactions. The old games add value for the customer and the steady income stream keeps the developer in business. Plus, it allows for adjustments when the story veers off in a bad direction. Microsoft did it right with Game Pass. Add the new games. Release an episode of an exclusive every three months. Keep a developing story going.

But for gamers to think pricing can remain the same with no other revenue options for developers is a sense of entitlement. You wouldn't allow your boss to get away with not giving you a raise for a decade, don't expect someone to not ask you for one every few years. Right now games are becoming more expensive to develop. Until new methods are created to bring cost down people need to accept other forms of revenue. All of the developers going bankrupt weren't poorly managed. The business model for gaming is just poorly designed. Digital could also address that by allowing developers to relicense a used copy of a game for a credit for the original purchaser. Gamespot will be taken out of the loop at some point, why not by the developers themselves.

Imalwaysright236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

Yeah well maybe some of us would be more understanding if most devs/publishers realised that we, gamers, are people as well that we all work hard to buy their games. If they realised this maybe they would stop releasing broken and incomplete full priced games. It would also be nice if they stopped trying to mislead us with their false advertisement or try to take advantage of us by making us pay to play games we already paid for and access games they don't even provide servers for.

If more devs were like CD Projekt RED who made a what? 200 hour game, sold it for €60 and still made a profit without assuming that we are all thieves by not putting that denuvo crap on their game maybe we, consumers, wouldn't negatively criticize so many publishers and studios

ShadowWolf712236d ago

>Refusal to accept higher pricing

That's not a sense of entitlement, bud. That's looking at... well, facts.

Besides which, any excess profit would go straight to the publisher, not the devs.

InTheZoneAC236d ago

you realize when a game profits enough to cover development for the next two games there's no need to try to beg for a price increase, go somewhere else with that bs.

IRetrouk236d ago

But games HAVE got more expensive, when i started gaming it cost 30 pounds for a new release, now they are looking between 50-60 pounds, almost double in 20 odd years, and half the time you now get less in said game, then you have season passes etc on top of that, games cost enough full stop.

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DeadManMMX236d ago

Man. I love this. I'm glad that team gets the reap the rewards and praise for their good work and sacrifices. Cool stuff.