God of War 4’s Strong Reviews Complete Sony Santa Monica's Return From the Brink

Why God of War 4 was more of a hail mary than most people realize.

It might not seem like it now that reviews are showering God of War 4 with praise, but this revival was a hail mary of sorts for Sony Santa Monica. At its nadir in 2014, Sony Santa Monica was rudderless and racked with layoffs amid the cancellation of its new IP. The studio behind some of PlayStation's most successful franchises had been relegated to a supporting role on the likes of Fat Princess: Piece of Cake, The Order: 1886, and Bound. Tomorrow's release of God of War 4 will be its first internally developed game since 2013's God of War: Ascension.

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PhoenixUp235d ago

I had no idea the developer was struggling in 2014

MattE234d ago

Yea, it's the main reason the media are rallying behind this game.. they are a great studio

G20WLY234d ago

Lmao what crap! So the universal praise is mainly to give good guys SSM a l'il boost?

Not because the game is awesome, then?

Get back to your Xbox lol

NewMonday234d ago

a big chunk of the studio had to be rebuilt, they did retain most the talented programmers, they got new managers that refused the talent.

a big contrast to RARE who have talented programmers but plagued by talentless managers.

MattE233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

@G20WLY Yea, keep PS on top of course.. they are a great studio. I'm enjoying the game ..

TeamIcoFan235d ago

Um, wasn't The Order : 1886 done by Ready At Dawn though?

joab777235d ago

And I didn’t think Ascension was done by them either. I’ll have to look. I do remember them losing someone big, and there being a fight over making a new IP, which was cancelled.

I guess this proves that it’s OK to revamp an old icon within a new genre afforded to us by new tech. There are so many wonderful stories that could be better realized in this manner.

Aceman18235d ago

Ascension was done by SSM it was lead by Todd Papy and is generally seen as the weakest of the console GoW's.

Araragifeels 235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

The cancelled IP that was a destiny like game which over or around 50 million of dollars was waisted.

xX-oldboy-Xx235d ago

Didn't Stig assmussen(spelling?) fall on his sword over that project.

PhoenixUp234d ago

@ Team

Santa Monica Studio helps out a lot of other developers with Sony’s first party titles. No they weren’t the main developers, but they still contributed to its development. It’s why you’ll see them appear in the credits for those games.

@ joab

Ascension was made by Santa Monica Studio. Did you even read the article?

showtimefolks235d ago

Stig wasted time and money(rumored to be 40 million on a destiny clone and made the weakest GOW game)

Now he works for EA

cory is back and now we need David Jaffe back to make SSM great again

joab777235d ago

That’s it. And yeah, Jaffa and Cliffy B go off to do their own thing and we get that teenage paper shooter and an Overwatch clone. And now a quickly rushed battle Royale clone, made by Epic. Would love to have seen Jaffe work on GoW or a NEW twisted metal.

Araragifeels 235d ago

Jaffe was never good making games outside of twister metal. God Of War I was originally a mess and Jaffe direction was all over the place. Santa Monica themselves took over the direction and made many changes to bring us was GOW1 is today.

Aceman18235d ago

Stig did GoW3 which to some is the best or 2nd best in series. Ascension was the weakest GoW to date, and the director of that game was Todd Papy.

People need to stop mixing up the two lol.

showtimefolks235d ago

God of war 3 could have been so much more

cell989234d ago

GOW 1 was badass and Jaffe was at the helm. I loved part 2, that was Cory’s, but I loved GOw3 even more and that was by Stig. Ascension is the weakest of the 3, mainly cause it was stuck as a prequel so it was limited from the get go. This new GOW I hear is the best so I’m very excited to play it

bluefox755234d ago

Nope, Jaffe can stay gone.

Inzo234d ago

Stig gave us GOW3, not something to look past.

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Jinger235d ago

When were they on the brink?

LgbtWarrior235d ago

Ascension was tired and never should have been made. I felt it with 3, the series lost its magic. Two was the best. Never even finished ascension it was a chore to play. So happy they reinvented the series and cast a new lead for kratos. He’s actually bearable to listen to now. The new game is great and it has matured quite well.

Imalwaysright235d ago

Yeah, I had to force myself to finish GOW3 and I absolutely loved the 1st two games. Skipped Ascension and I was glad when I saw that the formula was being changed and I guess that at this point its safe to say that it paid off.

PhoenixUp234d ago

Ascension was a great game


I enjoyed more than 3 in some cases. The multiplayer was tits.

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