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Kazuma Kiryu is back- and he’s never looked better. Yakuza 6: The Song of Life is an epic conclusion of Kazuma Kiryu’s journey. Is it worth it? The answer is YES and then some!

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StormSnooper236d ago

Awesome. It’s gonna be bitter sweet.

NewMonday236d ago

juggling between this and GOW, Yakuza 6 both games are great I have to come back to each.

rockwhynot236d ago

Wow, this game seems gnarly.

jorellpogi236d ago

Awesome, I'm gonna buy this for my son. He just finished Yakusa 0.

slappy508236d ago

I need to get this. We 'll see what happens after u finish GOW!

GREGNESS236d ago

I love the Yakuza Series, glad to see this one getting great scores! Still got to play through Yakuza 0 and haven't finished 5 yet! :( There's just too many games to play, my backlog is unreal... it's all just so overwhelming for me lol! ^^;

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