Hellblade Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro: Microsoft’s Hardware Offers The Best Console Experience

Hellblade offers an extremely impressive experience on the Xbox One X.

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Hardiman64d ago

Yet it still was beautiful and I was just as affected by it on the Pro! Amazing, groundbreaking game!

Babadook763d ago

I have it on pro. Looked amazing and I’m very happy I did not have to wait half a year to play it.

Gaming10163d ago

Honestly, if you didn't write "PS4 Pro" and "XboneX" at the top, I would never be able to tell the difference between the two, and I would never in a million years guess which is which, and neither would any of the plebs commenting who claim they could.

chrisoadamson63d ago

Gaming 101. Do you not own a 4k large tv? If not then yes I can understand

OTaylor63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Anyone watching the video in 1080p is only seeing 1/4 of the actual pixel output of the video alone. Compression lowers the iq as well with video vs watching game running on 4K tv.

strifeblade63d ago

look thats fine, and I'm fine with the beta testers.
Now bring on No man's sky! :D

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lxeasy63d ago

The more powerful console offers their best experience. We know that, but it's not like the game looks it play bad anywhere else. It's still annexing everywhere else.

strifeblade63d ago

Insecurities of pro owners really starting to show.

KickSpinFilter63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

PS4 is killing it no insecurities here. XB1 users trying to push XB1X as the second coming when everyone knows that the base model for MS sells more. As it does with Sony. Only difference is we have not forgotten what got us to this point. The original buyers of The PS4. Enjoy Hellblade it’s one awesome game.
(Use a great pair of headphones)

DarkVoyager64d ago

“Hellblade Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro: Microsoft’s Hardware Offers The Best Console Experience“

The more powerful console offers the best experience? That’s crazy.

gamer780463d ago

Also has to do with controller as well, more accurate analog and better haptic feedback.

neocores805563d ago

haptic feedback u mean the usless rumble crap no one gives 2 shits about

Smitty202063d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Talking wet i see

Epic_Troy63d ago

Best controller on the market

Cyborgg63d ago

This is probably the best game on Xbox one

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen63d ago

I hate the vibration and I it have turned off by default.

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PUBG63d ago

Well what do you think? Is the weaker hardware supposed to give you the best console experience?

XisThatKid63d ago

I mean the 360 was "weaker" than PS3 but Skyrim ran better on 360. I loved my hilarious glitchy ps3 launch version though lol. Console strength don't automatically mean "better experience"

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen63d ago

I already played it with the Pro so it's highly unlikely that I'll be spending $500 on the X1X and $40 on a second copy of Hellblade for a few more pixels.

Lennoxb6363d ago

What are you talking about? Nobody cares nor expects you to do so. Therefore this video isn't aimed at you, or any Pro owners who've already played it.

Snakeking3363d ago

Dam man angry much he just spoke the truth who would spend $500 on a system that have power but no exclusive game and 40 dollars on a game you played and beat 6 months earlier for a small graphic upgrade

WeebLord63d ago

Again, snakeking33 no one is expecting someone to run out and buy a Pro or a One X to replay games with increased fidelity.

Also to answer your question, it's undoubtedly a small group but I imagine the people who would spend the money on a One X are those who don't really care about Sony's exclusives?

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen63d ago

Calm down buddy. I was replying to Rasheed Sayed, the author of this captain obvious article. No one is going to be shocked or surprised when someone says that a $500 console runs a game better than a $400 console.

Kun_ADR63d ago

You don’t just get only a few more pixels in Hellblade. When you purchase the X1X, you’ll get more pixels in just about every multiplatform games.

Cmv3863d ago

Sigh... funny how pixels matter now. 2 years ago they didn't that do.

alb189963d ago

I didn't buy de X just for Hellblade, I did it for all multiplatform games.....So the 500 are looking real good with my 4k HDR TV.

Snakeking3363d ago

How sea of thieves looking with nothing to do but look at 4K graphics

63d ago
chefricco63d ago

I've got darn near 100 hours myself. One of the best communities to be a part of right now!!

Lennoxb6363d ago

I am calm. I just thought it was common sense that very few people are going to pay $500 for a console for one game that they've already played on Pro at pretty good quality.

gamer780462d ago

It isn't 40, it's 29.99 and it was 26.99 at first for a week

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Jinger63d ago

Yeah, but I already played this wonderful game on my Pro.