How God Of War turned Kratos into one of gaming’s greatest characters

GameCentral marks the release of the new God Of War by celebrating how it tells a great story without interfering with the action.

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darthv72236d ago

i have a feeling where this is going. Meaning any great character development in gaming will usually lead to their demise at some point. This story may very well set up for the passing of the torch from Kratos to his son but until that time we can endure the epic battles together as father and son.

AspiringProGenji236d ago

Gotta love some morons saying “SJW Kratos.”

ILostMyMind236d ago

Something wrong is not right. Kratos is one of the greatest character in game history since the first GoW.

nowitzki2004236d ago

Well they technically are not lying in title. They said God Of War, Ill take it as part 1 because thats where he became "one of gaming greatest characters"

ILostMyMind236d ago

I cannot disagree with you.

MarineLineman236d ago

He was one of the greatest character before this entry, and still is.

PhoenixUp236d ago

Kratos has always been one of gaming’s greatest characters

SublimeStylee2236d ago

Ps4 is truly the God of War!