Sharp Putting Blu-ray Inside TVs, Is PS3 Still Needed?

"One of the most popular gaming/movie rumors that keeps popping up is Microsoft releasing either a new Xbox 360 sku with an embedded Blu-ray drive or a Blu-ray drive add-on ala the now extinct HD DVD drive add-on. But what if Microsoft could level the playing field without spending a cent?"

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any fkn writer/journalist who thinks that ps3 is still afloat because of blu ray are a fkn idiot . Yes we need blu ray for the amount of space they need to make great games for us . Why dont you stop writing and go watch and play all of your compressed games , movies . Let the people that can afford it get to enjoy something special here . stop fkn complaining already nobody stopping you from getting a $199 xbox system ..again we are talking about sharp here .

ps. believe me , he who owns a ps3 know what they got . and its something special

Zerodin3709d ago

Nope! 360 has plenty of great games. So if I can get Blu-ray from someone else, PS3 isn't needed.

The Killer3709d ago

how much does this new TV with blue ray cost?? i think when customers see the difference in price then they will not even think that TV will replace ps3 for those who buy ps3 for mostly blue ray reasons, but we all know now ps3 is kicking very hard on the software level,

LITTLEBIGPLANET is taking over the gaming industry!!

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PimpHandStrong3709d ago

can that Sharp TV play next gen game software?


not without a PS3

i wonder if this Sharp TV will be able to download firmware?

rev203709d ago


The entry level 26" set in the Aquos DX series will run roughly $1,708.33

Good luck with that....

SL1M DADDY3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

Lame bud, I would have thought that even you could see how silly this article is. I can get a 50" Samsung 1080p HDTV with PS3 for a touch over 2 grand and you would rather buy a 26" BD equiped HDTV and a 360 for the same price? Sorry, but I like the big screens personally.

This article fails, it's not about owning a PS3 for BD alone, it's about the games and if you are into games, then you know you need the consoles, and for me, I need all three!

BattleAxe makes a great point below. Since there have been DVD equiped TV's for years now, is the 360 still worth it? Of course it is. Just like the PS3 is still necessary, for gaming and all other good things.

eric1003709d ago

A lot of movie watchers are hardcore gamers too

anyway it is a win win scenario for SONY

since PS3 will win STANDARD war and CONSOLE war no doubt

meepmoopmeep3709d ago

people only buy the PS3 because it's only a Blu-ray player.
how stupid of me.


Harry Flopper3709d ago

You cant play LBP without a Ps3!!!!

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