Four Things You Must Do When You Start God of War

COGconnected counts down the four things to do once you've picked God of War up.

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aConIsDemocracy65d ago

1: Take phone off hook.
2: Lock doors.
3: Have a dump.
4: gather lots of food and beverages.

Gamist2dot065d ago

Yeah, taking a dump does take a good amount of game time and a distraction.

Elda65d ago

Along with a cold one or a cocktail.

Alucard_42065d ago

bluntski all the way followed by a massive bong hit.

Alucard_42062d ago

@Kerplunk80 if I know any 12 year old smoking weed in my family, they are getting smacked. Your comment is very stupid and not needed. The game is releasing on a pot smoking day, of course references will be made.

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starchild65d ago

Haha pretty much. I've been playing for a couple hours now and it's amazing so far. The visuals are some of the best ever. The music is super evocative and simply outstanding. And the gameplay is brutal, smooth and fun.

Avernus65d ago

No sh*t bucket? Casual...battlefield friends reference btw.

SpinalRemains13865d ago

I've never had a dump myself. I do love taking a dump though.

-For that matter, why do we say this? Would not leave a dump be more accurate?

No Way64d ago

Dump is such a funny word. Dump. Duuuummmppp.

Kerplunk8060d ago


Nice dumb name 420 makes you sound like a rere.

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Sm00thNinja65d ago

But I... Have to finish.... Yakuza 6

Sunny_D65d ago

Have always been curious. Has anyone actually listened to any of these type of articles and follow them when starting a new game?

ZombieKiller65d ago

Not unless you want minor spoilers about gameplay. I like to discover stuff on my own that way it's a complete surprise. I was just tempted and I got a minor spoiler...that's my fault though

ginsunuva63d ago

Sometimes I go through entire games without knowing some smaller but useful gameplay feature, so it's a two-sided thing.

Vizigoth0465d ago

I like the idea. But I heard from someone else's play through that hooking Atreus stats up in advance pays off as well. Thank alot everyone. Not I'm conflicted. 😋

ConsoleGamer65d ago

@sunny might be the same kind of people who listen to the how-to-find-your-real-love articles from lifestyle magazines.

Minute Man 72165d ago

Can't wait to leave work n pick up dat "Stone" Mason Edition

XBOXfan12365d ago

cant wait to pick this up!

XBOXfan12365d ago

you know people can own both consoles right?

Minute Man 72164d ago

Yes. Multi console owner here

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