Cold Iron – The Wildcard Update (Free update on PSVR and PC VR)

The developers at Catch & Release have been incredibly busy working on all the feedback the reviewers gave to them since Cold Iron launched back in January. On the 17th April, a big update landed in the form of the 'Wildcard update' which added new gaming modes, new unlocks and increased the graphical quality on the PSVR for both the Pro and the base PS4 versions. But what else was added to the game?

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jmc8888241d ago

It's on sale for $7.99 on the PS Store right now (normally $19.99) until ~April 24th.

I was thinking of getting it, but now with this update, I probably will.

rob-GP241d ago

Cool, for that price I definitely recommend it - it isn't on sale over here atm in the UK. The main campaign lasts about 70-90 mins if you play it in one go (which it has a trophy for) - but then if you jump into all the new features they have added it will last a lot longer.

I don't know if you saw the two gameplay videos in the article but the game is so much sharper with a higher resolution and graphical fidelity than it originally had. It's not perfect as it's still a little fuzzy, but for a PSVR title it looks pretty good :)