AMD's CVP & GM Radeon Gaming confirms NVIDIA's tries to restrict or block AIBs from selling AMD GPUs

DSOGaming writes: "The endless fight between AMD and NVIDIA continues. A couple of days ago, we informed you about AMD officially working with AIBs in order to launch new "gaming" brands for its GPUs. And yesterday, AMD's Vice President & GM Radeon Gaming has confirmed that NVIDIA has been trying to restrict or blocks AIBs from selling AMD's GPUs under their already established gaming brands."

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I currently run Nvidia but they are disgusting. They are killing pc gaming.

Kryptix62d ago

Was going to get an Nvidia card next, but this made my decision easier. Gonna hold onto my MSI RX 480 till Vega AIBs come out at MSRP or till Navi comes out.

haydenlake62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

You think AMD is phased by their competitors trying to sabotage them, Nvidia? Intel couldn’t take them down and they tried really fucking hard ever since the 80s, now they pwning them with Ryzen.

I currently run 2 8800 GTXs in SLI (I know, but i dont need anything more.) and it was the last time you truly innovated. Better pull your finger out instead of faking progress with Pascal being overclocked Maxwell cards or you’ll be done.

Gwiz62d ago

Is DSO getting DDOSed or something?

Shakengandulf62d ago

Will never buy another Nvidia card.