Sony's studios continue their winning streak

The success of the PS4's excellent first-party experiences belie the commercial challenges single-player titles still face.

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AspiringProGenji237d ago

Sony studios, The Beatles of the gaming industry

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UCForce236d ago

Well, Sony isn’t perfect. But they know to keep their momentum up and up.

Dark_Knightmare2236d ago

Yes yes we know not everybody likes the same things but when you have the majority thinking the same thing it’s not up for debate

Bathyj236d ago

I'd go further. PlayStation is a lot more entertaining than The Beatles.

Kiwi66236d ago

But two of them died so that isn't the best analogy

UCForce236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

Even so, Sony still keep their momentum up and up.

Kiwi66236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

Do people not see that using the analogy of a successful group where half the members died isn't exactly the best analogy one would use when praising a company that is also successful that's what my first comment means

G20WLY236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

Newsflash: humans do die

Kiwi66236d ago

I just thought that using a band who have been around for a long time with all members and we're successful would've been a better choice but guess people don't get it

KwietStorm236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

Does their music catalog and sales, hall of fame status, and world wide reach with fans disappear because 2 members died? Or did you just not understand the analogy?

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Ceaser9857361236d ago

I hope Quantic Dream follows the same path with Detroit. The game looks amazing with all those decision you make which has their pros and cons. I am waiting for it. Preordered.

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KingofGambling234d ago

So they're bigger then Jesus.

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jhoward585237d ago

I got to say after playing God today I can tell you that SSM has really improved their game making skills. The level of detailed graphics is extremely amazing. One major thing that I see a big improvement in is the proper use of contrast.
That being said, everything pops right out of the screen which looks very appealing to the naked eye. At least for me.
The musical soundtrack is just as appealing. Keep up the good work SSM.
I predict the new Studio Sony is opening up is working on a first-person shooter, maybe for next gen/this gen.I think by making a good 1st person shooter would complete the circle since Sony 1st party studio has mastered just about every other genre/gameplay style.

rainslacker236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

Just got to the first "boss fight" before stopping for dinner, and I have to say the graphics are far and away anything else out there right now. Maybe not if you're just looking at the sharpness with a high end graphics card, but the way everything meshes together to make a beautiful picture.

Only complaint I have so far is I keep pressing the face buttons to attack. But I'm sure I'll get used to the new control scheme.

Waiting for a headache to pass before getting back into it. Not sure if N4G is the best place to do that.:)

Italiano1234567236d ago

U can change the controls which is what i did square for light attack triangle for heavy attack. I like it so much better. I did the same with assassins creed origins

GamingSinceForever236d ago

I meant to reply to you above.

rainslacker235d ago

I knew I could change the controls, but I like getting used to a control scheme the way it's set up. More an OCD thing for me. I've already gotten used to it.

GamingSinceForever236d ago

It goes beyond the graphics. The animation and choreography of that fight is sick. I stopped playing right after the fight ended.

rainslacker233d ago

I stopped playing because I had to make dinner. But I had a massive headache all day and was waiting for it to pass. I was really tempted to restart the game just to experience it again when I was more focused, because the way it started, the intrigue, the mystery of if the connection to the old GOW would be made then, and then the punching and sadistic humor of the Stranger just really got me going. Then, when I thought I died, it really picked up and became epic and more like you'd expect from a boss fight in GOW. All after a rather slow start in the first hour.

I keep waiting for the story to do more reveals on the connection to Kratos' past, but they're only hinting at it, and building more mystery about what's going on with him, Artreus, and why Odin is interested in Kratos.

SmielmaN236d ago

@jhoward, a FPS that also works in VR? Hmmmm

Rhythmattic236d ago

Thats Gold!
If only someone could do a Antonio Banderas gif with Kratos responding to the score.....
Anyone? because I sure can't.

Hardiman236d ago

Top of the industry for a reason and when ya got it, ya got it!!!!!

PhoenixUp236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

“Like many of you, I imagine, I experienced a strange and unexpected new feeling this week; there's a new God of War game coming out and is this... could this be... excitement?”

What daduq? I’ve always been excited anytime a new God of War game comes out.

“I say "rare", but actually, that's rather the point; while this kind of single-player game is indeed rare, there's one company that seems to knock them out on a pretty regular basis, and that's Sony.”

Sony isn’t the only publisher that frequently releases quality single player games.

“The ascension of Sony as a developer and publisher is a story that's taken a back seat to the commercial and creative triumph of the PS4 overall, but it's an important and fascinating one. While Sony has always had major titles from partners and internal studios, it's never dominated or defined its own platforms in the way Nintendo does, or even really had the kind of headline, instantly identifiable core title that Microsoft once had with Halo.”

No people talk about the quality Sony produces just as much as they buy PS4s. It’s not like they’re buying the console for no reason.

Nintendo dominates its console’s lineups because they don’t have as much third party support to compete with on their consoles like Sony does. When you have dwindling third party support, of course your first party support will stand out that much more. Sony’s first party and third party has always defined their consoles.

PlayStation has a lot of core identifiable IPs, not just a few like Xbox does.

SuperSaiyanGod41236d ago

Exactly, well said. Sony and Nintendo are juggernauts when it comes to their first party studios, but where Sony exceeds Nintendo is from all the third party support they get and exclusives from 2nd and 3rd party studios.

Sony knows they don't really have to go strong on online multiplayer games because most of the biggest online games are made by 3rd party studios. This is why Sony focuses on huge single player games because it's rare nowadays to have a great story in most games and this is an area Sony is very strong at. Having a balance on your console and a the hugest genre of different type of games for any kind of gamer is what sells a console.

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