Platinum never loses its lustre

From Eurogamer: "There's a story I've heard passed around a few times over the years about PlatinumGames. It's about how, so industrious is this Osaka-based studio, it never really stops working; how its employees are put onto shift-work, one working through the day while the other toils away through the night, ensuring a never-ending 24-hour production cycle. It's a myth, sadly - though that's fortunate for the studio's 190-strong workforce, you'd figure - but like all myths there's surely a kernel of truth in there somewhere. How else to explain how the studio has produced some 14 games in just over a decade? How else to explain the exquisite craft that's almost always on show?"

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FallenAngel1984237d ago

“How else to explain the exquisite craft that's almost always on show?”

“Even The Legend of Korra, perhaps the only real dud in the studio's back catalogue, gets given its dues.”

That sounds like selective memory. Let’s not pretend that Platinum has only produced quality hits with only one bad game. Let’s not forget about TMNT: Turtles in Manhattan, Star Fox: Zero, & Anarchy Reigns.

Platinum is just as capable of making receptional bombs as they are making receptional darlings.

darthv72237d ago

I really dig PG. Trasformers: Devastation, Metal Gear Rising: Revengance, Vanquish, Madworld... all fun games. Never played the TMNT one and Star Fox: Zero is one I like as well.

bouzebbal237d ago

Give me a next gen Vanquish

FallenAngel1984237d ago

I love a lot of PlatinumGames’ titles as well, but I’m not going to pretend they only produce quality titles with no duds at all

Concertoine237d ago

I think a lot of their games are cheap cash grabs, but its easy to tell them from the rest of their games which clearly have a lot of love in them.

I guess what im trying to say is, ive never been disappointed by a Platinum game.

WELL, Star Fox Zero was pretty bad but honestly i chalk that up to Nintendo. You know that wasn't the game P* wanted to make and the forced gimmickry by Miyamoto really brought that game down.

awdevoftw237d ago

The multilayer in anarchy reigns was extremely fun and chaotic. The story mode was lackluster, but the online matches were some of the best. Too bad no one gave it a chance.

NapalmSanctuary236d ago

To be fair, the aspects of Star Fox Zero that sucked were not under PG's creative control. They were forced to make a bad game in that particular instance. Anarchy Reigns was a decent game. It wasn't great but it definitely wasn't bad.

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Venox2008237d ago

one of my favourite devs of all time since Clover days

michellelynn0976237d ago

I put Platinum Games no5 on my best devs in the world list. But, yes @FallenAngel1984 is right. They have had a few duds. No company is perfect, well, maybe Monolithsoft.

Jinger237d ago

Never loses its lustre? Besides when it does licensed games... or Star Fox Zero. Also couldn't handle developing Scalebound either

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