Fortnite has earned over $126 Million in February alone

From GameWatcher: "Fortnite has been hogging the spotlight in gaming media for a while now, so no one is going to be surprised to hear that the game is doing well financially, however the magnitude of just how well is 'well' is definitely worth a few raised eyebrows. Courtesy of gaming industry market analytics firm SuperData, we have a good estimate of how much revenue Fortnite is generating per month."

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badz149240d ago

because it's a F2P game and they are talking about earning so much money most full priced games can only dream of.

but it's still F2P and they are doing MT right IMO. so more power to them. I'm just happy they are taking the spotlight away from PUBG

mark_parch240d ago

no wonder everyones trying to emulate games as a service and battle royal

OffRoadKing240d ago

Proof that giving you the game and then loading it with microtransactions is extremely lucrative. Buy this outfit, you know you want this outfit, lol.

TheEnigma313240d ago

Most people don't have an issue with FTP adding MT's; It's full priced games that gamers have a issue with.

spektical240d ago

and to add on, its cosmetic stuff.

OffRoadKing240d ago

I didn't say it was an issue, just that its obviously extremely lucrative.

MarineLineman240d ago

It’s all cosmetic though. If people want to buy it,even though they have no conceivable reason outside of saying they have that particular cosmetic item, then that’s on them. MT’s are only ever bad when they are used it a game like Battlefront 2 to basically be the whole progression system on an already premium priced title.

neutralgamer1992240d ago

i played it never felt the need to buy so FN is doing it right

BLAKHOODe240d ago

I've put more money into Fortnite than any game ever! But it's also been a 3 month, still going strong obsession that has actually done wonders for my anxiety as odd as that may seem.

Basically, Fortnite is cheaper than therapy.

franwex240d ago

How much if you don’t mind me asking. I’m not judging either, it’s your money and you have the right to spend how you want it.

Damrock240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

Microtransactions, deluxe editions, gold editions, season passes, Pre-order exclusives....

Used to love playing games to unlock something new, instead we have trophies/achievements...

Unreal01240d ago

To be fair, this is a bad example as it's a free to play game. But I do see what you're getting at.

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The story is too old to be commented.