Destiny 2's Warmind Expansion Brings Back the Grind

In the most recent developer update from Bungie, Destiny 2's senior designer, Daniel Auchenpaugh, discussed how the power level grind will be changed in the upcoming Warmind expansion. This will be the second major update the game is receiving and there are some major changes on the horizon.

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kayoss63d ago

speaking of grind. Im grinding the Destiny 2 game disk right now with my table grinder to turn it into a ninja star.

Gigamax63d ago

Destiny 2 just didn't grab us like the first one. But we also recommend wearing all the proper safety gear when working with heavy machinery.

kayoss63d ago

i have to go to the hospital. I threw the Destiny 2 ninja star to test it. It flew back and poked me in the eye.

PapaBop63d ago

Kudos to you, it's about the closest you'll get to getting a proper exotic weapon feeling with Destiny 2.

SolidGear362d ago

Stop it.. ya'll are cracking me up and I need to wind down for bed :3

TheRealHeisenberg62d ago

Lol. That made my stomach hurt.

killswitch8062d ago

than you laugh at any stupid joke

Gigamax63d ago

Safety goggles!! Please, get well soon! And thank you @Kayoss for taking the time to check out the article. We really do appreciate it.

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The story is too old to be commented.