PUBG’s First-Ever Free Weekend Has Begun on Xbox One (For XBL Gold Members)

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)'s stratospheric rise in popularity on PC and console has been curious, in particular because of its $30 cost of entry—a fact that sets it apart from its popular, free-to-play rival Fortnite Battle Royale. For at least a few days, however, that barrier is (for the most part) going away... if you are willing to play PUBG on Xbox One.

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lxeasy235d ago

Tons of noobs to own this weekend

corroios235d ago

very nice to get it free.

DarkVoyager235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

“For XBL Gold Members”

Free? You still have to pay for Xbox Live.

At least Sony doesn’t require PS Plus for f2p games unlike Microsoft.

Kiwi66235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

Do you nitpick everything ?

DarkVoyager235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

You like paying a subscription to play F2P games? Kind of defeats the purpose don’t you think.

Kiwi66235d ago

To answer your question no I don't I'm just asking you a simple question as obviously if you have an Xbox you need Xbox live, which is common knowledge so when they say free for those who do it is free in a weird way

gigoran235d ago

Xbox live is always optional. You don’t need it in order to play the Xbox. Yes you need it to play online, but for everything else, no you don’t

KaladinStormblessed235d ago

Considering it’s literally an online multiplayer only game it kinda makes sense it’s only for XB Live users.

DarkVoyager235d ago

“Considering it’s literally an online multiplayer only game it kinda makes sense it’s only for XB Live users.”

Then explain Fortnite. Why is Xbox Live required but PS Plus isn’t?

BLAKHOODe235d ago

Interesting they picked the weekend the heavily rumored demise of Tilted Towers was suppose to go down (but didn't). Probably just a coincidence.

Still. I already own PUBG. I prefer Fortnite, but PUBG is a nice alternative if Fortnite isn't your style.

gigoran235d ago

In other words the “early access title” is finally acting like a beta with free trials

And us poor suckers that actually paid to beta test their game