Microsoft Finally Provides Xbox 360 Fix


"Having been without my Xbox, and that means without my GTA IV fix, for more than 3 weeks now I was looking forward to its return with a nervous anticipation.

Indeed, my trepidation was perhaps understandable. Would I get a refurbished Xbox 360 ELite or would I be sent a basic box by mistake? After all, Microsoft had screwed things up right royally before and my coincidence levels were far from high."

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Harry Flopper3684d ago

Faker than a straight Dumbledore!!!

user8586213684d ago

:S wtf the point of the rrod pik if its not a fix for that?

Deadman643684d ago

That even with an occasional RROD, the 360 is the most fun console! You can't deny the facts! 360 owners have been having fun since launch day back in 2005. Thats right, 2005.

robotnik3684d ago

yeah, watching red lights is SO FANTASTIC.
BTW what an awful article.

Bathyj3684d ago

Thats why all anyone talks about is PS3. Even if you hate it you still keep talking about it. PS3 owners talk mostly about PS3. XB owners talk mostly about PS3. The only time you bring XB up is when you think it has an edge in some area and it needs some flag waving. Its like you need to make alittle noise every now and then just to remind us that you're still there. At least in 2007 you used to talk about game a bit, but there not alot to talk about on that front in 08 is there?

Bzone243684d ago

Yet you are always talking about the Xbox 360...

PopEmUp3683d ago

fixing sure is fun indeed :D

Bathyj3683d ago

I know. Ironic huh?

The difference is, I'm an XB owner and I comment on issues where I have personally been burned and know what I'm talking about. I dont knock consoles I dont own.

I was a big fan of the first one. I got all my multiplatforms on XB. Then M$ had to shaft 20M customers but I still got a 360 even though I was dissapointed from the start with no Standard HDD, only 20GB, no HDDVD or BR, no HDMI. But still I gave it the benefit of the doubt and bought one.

My first RRoD happen LAUNCH NIGHT. Yeah, believe it, it was DOA. Dead on arrival for those that dont watch medical shows. Broken in the box. Lucky for me, my store didn't sell out and still had units there.

2nd RRod 9 months later. A pretty good run you might say. If you have low expectations you might say that. If you expect a machine that cost 3/4 of a grand to last a year at least you might say F*k you, you stupid c**t of a machine.

The scary thing now is next week I'm getting Fable, and I will have to dust the old girl off and plug it in for the first time in months. I think I'll do it before I get Fable, just in case it RRoDs on me again. If it does, I'm done with it. Its had no games all year anyway and Fable and Gears aren't worth a new console alone. PS3 is keeping me very busy so if my XB fails again it can stay on the shelf next to my Wii. (Man, what a waste of money that was. At least XB gave me a dozen good games. Wii doesn't HAVE a dozen good games.)

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Bathyj3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

Bit of a misleading title. I thought they'd cured RRoD.

So the big story is, it broke, took a month to get it back, (man, a month without games, f*k that) and he's happy simply because it works? Shouldn't that be expected at least, not treated with gleeful suprise?

Dont you realise M$ has set your expetations so low, you're probably happy if the thing doesn't just set fire to your house when you turn your back.

It rememinds me of a Chris Rock skit.
"I aint never been to jail" Your not suppose to go to jail you dumb MF. Thats nothing to be proud of.
"I take care of my kids" You're supposed to take care of them you low ex-pect-tation having MF.

God, set your sights a bit higher than "Gee I hope the unit I get back, which is actually someone else broken unit, has been fixed alright. That would be great." How about wishing for something that didn't keep breaking in the first place.

No I didn't mean to rant, honestly, because this issue has been gone over time and time again, but it just seems you guys have been fed crap so long you dont even care anymore. The only thing that would ruffle your feathers at this point would be if there was nothing to eat.

One guy gets XBox back and it works. If thats actually news, then M$ is in worse shape than I thought.

FantasyStar3684d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself. I hear 360 fanboys using the 3 year warranty as a reason why 360 is better than PS3's 1 year warranty. I'm sitting there thinking some thoughts that aligns with your post pretty well.

nanometric3684d ago

I/we got 2yr warranty for my ps3 and we don't get 3yr warranty for the 360, but just 1yr :P

nanometric3684d ago

It seems, that some of you live in my country.

Here are links of one net store which sells consoles among other stuff. Scroll bellow the specification text and look at the first blue X, where it say's "Ražotāja garantija: x mēneši" or in english- Manufacturers Warranty: x months. And see how much months each console gives here


And i would assume that it applies to all countries, who don't have official PS or XBOX support centers or whatever they are called.

cwir3683d ago

oh man EXACTLY!!

soooo many times when I read some hard defending of Microsoft how they resolved the situation and how great service it is that you get your fixed xbox back in a week or even less.. and ok that's great, but that's the LEAST I would expect for something like this. I'd still be mad for the faulty hardware in the first place. but to praise them for that??

veeery good expample with the Chris Rock skit :)

BTW: couldn't Microsoft be sued for all those RRoDs?? are there any known cases?

Stubacca3683d ago

Unplug it and trade it in for a better console.

dantesparda3683d ago

I hope my PS3 starts red ringing and Sony ups the warranty to 3 years, so I can send it in to them and wait a whole month for it, and then be all happy and sh!t when it comes back fixed, only to have to do that all over again when it red rings again. You 360 fanboys are fvcking retarded and get exactly what youse deserve. Keep supporting this sh!t, so MS will keep doing it. And for those that dont know, I am a 360 owner, and have owned one since Nov 22, 05 (launch date), and just had my 4th one red ring on me on the 8th. So number 5, here I come. I love you MS, I love going through this. I hope it breaks again so i can go through this again, because it is so great. So I can tell people how great you are for at least fixing your fvcking defective a$$ system.

But on a serious note, i do think that Sony should up the warranty on the PS3 to 3 years. The 360 got me shook. I dont wanna be spending so much money on a video game system just to have it break down on me in a year or two, (or even 3 or 4 for that matter).

Stubacca3683d ago

There is Continous Play? Not a bad idea like, or you can just fork out £60 bucks if your PS3 dies and get it replaced. You know what I love about Sony? They replace your console within a day or two. My mate has been waiting on his 360 for weeks.

Imagine being without your trusty console during the big titles. If my PS3 ever died, I'd be gutted as it's the hub of my entertainment system.

Durffen3683d ago

I just want to know, how stuck up can you people really be to where you can't simply just be respectful and type down Microsoft, but it always has to be an M with a money sign? I don't see people typing out Sony as $ony.

I know, off topic, but why is anyone in the gamer zone if they can even mention a companies name without somehow insulting it? I know Microsoft has a lot of money, but seriously people, grow up.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii3684d ago

MS does screw up once in a while with customer service but when they fix it they "always" reward the screw up. I had an Xbox Live account that got hit by a phishing site and since the account was connected to a credit card it was frozen. At first I was angry because I had to start a new account with a gamer score set to zero. Then to my suprise they gave me 3yrs of Live and to make for the $500 + content I purchased over the past three years, they gave me nearly $1000 in MS points 1600 at a time. I was able to get every Arcade that was worth a crap and DLC for all my games and games I don't even have yet. This is all 100% fact and the people on here that know me can say I'm a fanboy or an asshole, but none will say I'm a liar. So when I see articles about bad MS customer service, I think BS everytime.

Tmac3684d ago

Lol dude ur just a retard.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3684d ago

Don't start stalking me again Tmac, I don't know if I can handle another 3 months of you following every comment and crazy man PM's everyday. So take your meds, masturbate on your PS3 while rubbibg yourself with peanut butter, and try not to go postal and shoot up some school kids.

PopEmUp3683d ago

"MS does screw up once in a while" lol well sure they did, they pursuit since the 360 hit the box

GWAVE3683d ago

Lol. You're an idiot. Do you know WHY they gave you all that stuff? Two reasons: your credit card info could have been stolen on THEIR software. That's not good press. The second reason is -- because your credit card could have been stolen -- you could have taken them to court.

In other words, you willingly swallowed their bribes without even realizing your own legal rights. I laugh at you.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3683d ago

Yeah well I got $1000 worth of free sh!t that cost more than your PS3 and 3 years of Live for free. Your still waiting on Sony to deliver on promises from 4 years ago, got Home yet? You can't even send in a dusty PS3 for repairs without Sony refusing it. I got a grand total of $1150 from Microsoft, what has Sony given you besides grey hair? ...:)

What was that? and what is that smell? your tears smell like cheese.

Stubacca3683d ago

The only tears I have are tears of joy from playing on my awesome next-gen console. Or tears of laughter at all you X-bots still paying for online on busted systems.

:) I love it.

NickIni3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

One read of that post and my BS detector is off the charts. No way would they give you all that stuff out of the goodness of their heart(s). Possibly if you threatened to go to the press, but still, I think your exaggerating.

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