The Triumphant Return of Kratos: Why Gamers Are Bowing to 'God of War'

Just a few days before the game's release date, Playboy caught up with a very glowing Cory Barlog to talk to him about the long five-year process of making this game, reinventing Norse mythology and why video games don’t always translate well to the movie screen.

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PhoenixUp88d ago

I forgot Playboy covered videogames

Gamist2dot088d ago

Eat, game, porn, and sleep is the life.

SwagginMcdoodles88d ago

Lmao. It's honestly a good read.

OffRoadKing88d ago

I just came for the pictures.

G20WLY87d ago

I see what you did there 😏

PhoenixUp87d ago

I’m sure you visit to.,,read the videogame articles

OffRoadKing88d ago

I'm maybe five or six hours in at this point and damn if Krato's return isn't triumphant. I'm just starting to see for myself why so many perfect review scores came in, the game is absolutely epic!

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