Crazy Justice, Switch's First Battle Royale Game, Gets New Footage

Comicbook writes: "While a lot of PC and console owners are enjoying the many Battle Royale games that are available, it seems the Nintendo Switch doesn't have a game in that genre -- not yet, anyway."

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Moonman213d ago

I'm digging the art style of this game! :)

deafdani213d ago

Looks a bit bland, but it probably has still a bit to go on the development side of things.

I hope they improve the controls, because that footage looked really slow and stiff.

Moonman212d ago

Controls actually look good.....check this short video out:

awdevoftw213d ago

I wonder if this game will get hate like blezinskis game, or if it will get a pass from the hateful Nintendo fans.....

SirBradders213d ago

Looks like a load of pony.

ibrake4naps213d ago

I don't get the appeal of battle Royale. I guess it's one of those things you have to try before you know how great it is, like VR...

Uken12212d ago

Lol No, not at all. Battle Royale is just a fun Multiplayer experience. I would like to see them more fleshed out but they are fun. Last man standing, it's a different style of PVP, makes your death more important.

Just download one and try it out, they are free.
If you aren't a huge PVP person you may not care. But it's fun stuff.