Dead Space proves terrifically terrifying

"I was...utterly engaged from the very first scene," writes a Globe and Mail reporter of his experience with Dead Space. "My immediate fascination might just have something to do with the fact that it hits a lot of my own personal buttons...I see in its presentation shades of many of my favourite movies and games, including The Thing, Aliens, Bioshock, Doom 3, and System Shock. And I have to admit that I'm a sucker for high-definition eye candy, which this game has in spades. Whatever the reason, I'm smitten. I've got more games to play on my plate this fall than I care to contemplate, but all I can think about right now is climbing back aboard Dead Space's haunted starship and figuring out what created the monsters stalking my poor engineer."

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Forbidden_Darkness3684d ago

"terrifically terrifying"

Say that 10 times fast... Backwards!

PimpHandStrong3684d ago

i made it to 3 times and my mouth exploded

sleeper hit of 2008 4sure!

I love the game. Its the most engrossing game i have played in some time.

t_tocs3683d ago

I was so uninterested in this game until I saw the sci fi special. I went to Gamespot yesterday to pick up SOCOM, and in the end, cancelled my SOCOM preorder and put the money towards Dead Space. My, oh my am I glad I did that. This game is amazing! I'm not the best at survival horror games, but I love the I was very pleased to see an easy setting where I can get the hand of the game and then replay it on a harder setting while keeping all my stuff on the 2nd playthrough. This is going to be a sleeper hit of 2008. While it may not have the longevity to win to Fallout3 or LBP, it is a great game to hold you over until then.