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XBA says: A Game of the Year contender with the best audio design we've ever experienced.

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Vasto240d ago

The best version of Hellblade is on the Xbox One X

SCW1982240d ago

Its actually on PC but this is a good version.

Vasto240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

No HDR on PC or PS4.

Digital Foundry needs to do this game.

Silly gameAr240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

To bad the worst versions will still sell better. I don't guess having the best version really matters to the majority.

240d ago
Prince_TFK240d ago


I gotta agree with what you say. These people always talk about sales like they get royalty whenever a copy of the game got sold.

What important to consumer is which version run the best and have the best visual, not how many copies it sold.

Vasto239d ago

So we are supposed to buy the worse version of a game because it will sell better?

Your name fits you perfectly.

DaGreatOne239d ago

People want to brag about having the best console version of the game that's fine. It's truly an amazing game that deserves all the praise. But please don't get on some high horse talking about this version like it's the only one that matters especially when for 4 years majority of Xbox 3rd party games played as the worst version.

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Bathyj240d ago

Congratulations on getting a good game.

Cyborgg239d ago (Edited 239d ago )

Its Microsoft best game even though its multiplatform

Aceman18239d ago

I have it on my backlog list for Pro, no need to spend extra money to play it lol.

I find that those who keep saying the best version to play a multiplat game are pretty much insecure gamers who have to constantly reassure themselves of their purchase lol.

Blue_stripes239d ago

Just make sure you play it when you can. It's certainly worth your time

Aceman18239d ago


Ooh I plan to once I get the time

kayoss239d ago

The best version of Hellblade is on the Xbox One X... A year later.

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Skankinruby240d ago

Great game, xbox gamers are in for a treat

dreue240d ago

Lol im sorry but at this stage, and xbox no rral games, and rhen senua cames to xbox and it is now the best game ever on xbox? Sorry but the only thing i can say is that xbox brand, this website is pure evil, stupid and they are in the business not because of the love of games, but only love of money a d power.... Senua is a great game yes, but it is not new in a way that is out for a year now.... I play the game enjoy it but compare to exclusives like god of war, spider man, the last of us.... Nha

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kayoss239d ago

I was being sarcastic...

dreue239d ago

Ahahha, man you got me then... Well have a good day sir...

Weeblordbad239d ago

Please, for the love of God. Find a website in your native tongue, the broken English is beyond aggravating to the point where picking apart your obviously half baked theory would be more of a headache than the normal dribble on this site.

I will say this though, don't confuse Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo's reason for being in video games. It's about money, plain and simple, no matter how much lip service gets thrown out. "But only love of money a d power", ladies and gentlemen the Oscar goes too....the melodramatic kid about video games.

Thatguy-310240d ago

"A Game of the Year contender with the best audio design we've ever experienced."

Many felt the same about it last yr when it released.

TheOttomatic91240d ago

Please for the love of god play this game it doesn’t matter what platform it’s on, it is SO very much worth your time.

81BX239d ago

Doesn't matter what platform it's on??? That's a weird concept.....

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